Jiraiya (Pokemon Y Nuzlocke) Picture

Remake and name retcon of this character:

So it's been a while since Greninja's been seen in full details more clearly, around several months to be exact. But why did I only just now choose to update Gamabunta's concept and in the process rename him into Jiraiya? SMASH BROS FOR THE WIN HERE. Seriously, out of ALL of the Pokemon based introductions to Smash Bros, I did NOT see Greninja being one of those introductions, even if I did, it would definitely NOT have been as a player character. Even now, I'm still shocked by this, since I never realized Greninja was actually popular enough to even be considered for Smash Bros, ESPECIALLY when one considers that Greninja is the chronologically most recent character in the Smash Bros roster so far, making his debut in 2013, when nearly everyone else made their debuts no earlier than the DS or GameCube Era (The most recent BEFORE this would've been Lucario).

Even then, I decided to redesign Gamabunta into Jiraiya since Jiraiya would've been a more obvious Ninja Toad Master here than Gamabunta would've been (Jiraiya has an actual mythological basis of the same name). Even then, when it comes to Jiraiya's design, there will be the occasional Naruto reference with his abilities (Notice the eye, anyone?). To also add towards the storyline of this Nuzlocke, Shauna's Goodra will be named Tsunade, and Zygarde will be known as Orochimaru.

...Shame I still have to kill Arceus in my CURRENT Nuzlocke that takes place in Diamond AKA Sinnoh.
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