A Guttersnipe Christmas 66 Picture

Then why was he handing out presents before???? I hate to brag, but I am rather pleased with how the whole mythology of evil Santa hangs together. It all kiiiind of makes sense, to me at least!

The idea about Mrs.Claus came from Aurelina, when we were discussing how gross it is in holiday movies where they have a normal (ie old) Santa paired with a sexy young Mrs Claus. Whenever I mention this to people, they always argue that Mrs Claus is usually old. Then I realized that the only movie that I can think of that has a young Mrs Claus is The Santa Clause 2. Or 3? I forget which one it is that has Mrs. Claus appear. Anyway, the plot of that movie is that Tim Allen’s son is being disruptive at school and spraypainting holiday-themed graffiti all over the place because his grinchy principal won’t let anyone decorate the school for Christmas because of a pesky little thing called SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. The principal’s name in the film was Carol Newman, and I spent the whole movie wondering whether they intentionally picked a name for the character that codes as Jewish. Anyway, in the end, she falls in love with Tim Allen and becomes Mrs. Claus, but while Tim Allen turned old and fat when he became Santa, she only gets, like, some holly leaves in her hair. Anyway, that movie is kind of dumb!

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