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hey guys this is page 1 of the DLDB comic now as you can see the page is intended to be filled with a wide variety of fantastical fairies there are slots for 15 characters total now it's not easy for me to design that many people without them looking boring and have multiples who looks vary similar and i want them all to be unique and eye popping so here's the deal i want you guys to design some tuatha de dadan for me to fill in these spaces now here are somethings to remember when designing your faeries

1. no tinker bells
Celtic faeries can look however you like they can even be animals so don't feel like you necessarily have to give them wings or make them look a certain way just go wild with it

2. also male gods in Celtic mythology were almost always human looking and rarely took any sort of animal form they were more commonly associated with a trade or aspects of society for while females were more strongly associated with nature and animals

3. this book takes place in the 1970's now many of the gods may be for medieval times or older but that doesn't mean that new gods may not have been born embodying new concepts and ideas, perhaps a god of motor-vehicles? who knows but your faerie doesn't have to necessarily look medieval but don't let them look normal either or too modern

now here's how it works the first 15 people to design a faeries get it in the book no if ands or buts so that part isn't a contest really also your name will be mentioned in the back of the book crediting you for your faerie. however the faerie i like the best will also by used in at least one major role just post up your faerie and send me a link to the pic and they'll be in the book
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