Yugioh TCG OCG Meme Iblis Picture

Decided to make my own version of this meme. I'm sorry for not drawing these out, but I really did not feel like taking all the time I don't have to work on this (plus I suck at drawing anyways).

-Shooting Star Dragon: I loved this card the instant I saw it. It was kinda hard to decide between this guy and my other 2 favorite dragons (Light and Darkness Dragon and Rainbow Dragon) but just the times I've used this card make it so valuable to me.
-Breaker the Magical Warrior: Haha fun times with this card. Any time I made a deck I always told myself "I either have Breaker or I won't win," and Breaker has just had a huge impact for me. Plus a magical swordsman, what's not cool about that?
-Paladin of the Cursed Dragon: Not a big zombie fan, though I do remember when Zombies were the top meta deck I always wanted to side a second one.
-Junk Synchron: This one was hard to chose from. I've used Junk Synchron since 2009 and plan to use it as long as possible. The artwork on this little guy is cool, plus he looks origional.
-Thor, Lord of the Aesir: I'm a huge mythology fan, and when I saw this guy, I kinda squeeled. Love the artwork and I say it's a pretty accurate representation of Thor.
-Naturia Exterio: The only beast I can say I like. The artwork is so nice on this card. Wish it was a tad more usable.
-Transforming Sphere: I don't know what it is about this card but I just love it. It was a tie between Blackwing - Breeze the Zepher and this thing.
-Kuriboh: Favorite card of all time, nuff said.
-Guardian Eatos: I loved Eatos since it's first appearance in the anime. Beautiful artwork, nice effect, and it gives Macro decks a ton more options.
-Infernity Beetle: I was debating between this card and Level Eater (Level Stealer in the OCG) but just kinda felt something cooler about this card.
-Oxygeddon: Not a big fan of the dino type, though I do like how Konami made this guy look.
-Alien Warrior: Only reptile I can say I kinda like.
-Oyster Meister: I like the concept behind this cards effect. It's unique and offers a few new tricks to Fish decks.
-Brionac: Only cool Sea Serpent imo.
-Genex Ally Triforce: This was a tough choice, but I had to pick Triforce. The cool artwork and beautiful background really makes this card worth while, not to mention it can have multiple nice effects.
-Wattkid: I remember in GX Spirit Caller (a DS Game) this guy was always my duel spirit. He helped me through binds and just looks really cool to me.
-Snowman Eater: I have loved this card since I got it. Just the simplicity of it and the nice effect and 1900 def makes it worth while.
-Uria, Lord of Searing Flames: Don't really like Pyros, plus this scary card is too cool.
-Alpha The Magnet Warrior: If I couldn't pick this card I would pick Neo-Spacian Grand Mole. I used to use the Magnet Warriors back in the old days and I just loved the artwork on Alpha.
Dandylion: This card has a special place in my heart. I remember on a christmas day I was kind of depressed (can't remember about what) and we went to my aunts house and she had a present for me! Inside it were a bunch of yugioh cards that I wanted (Some of the Neos Contact Fusions, Stratos) and Dandylion! I have played this card since the day I got it and still love it as much as I did then.
-Wynnda, Priestess of Gusto: I don't know alot about the Gusto archetype, though Wynnda has the nicest artwork for a psychic to my eyes.
-Slifer The Sky Dragon: Back in the old days of yugioh, I only knew a few people who played this game, and I was the only one who didn't have one of the god cards. My cousin noticed I didn't have one and he gave me one of his Slifers. I still have that Slifer to this day.
-NEX: I love the Neo-Spacian archetype and this card makes them look so cool.
-Black Feather Beacon: No idea what it is about this card, but when I pulled one from my Crow packs, I couldn't stop staring at it. The art is so simple yet so beautiful.
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