The Blue Naga Picture

Been drawing nagas lately, and accidently came up with a story for some of them.

This one is the daughter of the Goddess of music and good fortune (Benten, a real Chinese Goddess) and a naga king (also from Chinese mythology, though he was a complete snake in the story). She was raised by her mother, but upon reaching adulthood, sets out to find her father and claim her place as princess in the world of mortals. However, since her birth, the king has married a naga woman, and the new queen isn't to keen to have her kids kept off the thrown by some random girl who shows up. Thus begins a political power struggle and things start to go horribly horribly wrong...

Don't have a name for this kid yet. Since she was raised by a Goddess, she's rather spoiled, and used to getting things her way. A bit naive too, and very michevious. She has to grow up quite a bit as the story progresses, and she learns how things are done on Earth.
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