Amy Profile Picture

*NOTE: Amy was originally created for OOMShifters Create-A-Captive-Contest. But due to his ban and thus the end of the contest, I'll introduce her here now.*

Name: Amy Scott
Age: 19
Height: 174 cm

Amy is a a history student and hobby Archeologist. Probably because she watched the "Indiana Jones"-Movies too often in her childhood. Harrison Ford is also her favourite actor - because of the Indy-Movies.
She has a Latino mother who lives in Texas, where she grew up. Amy and her father, who is paleontologist, live in DC, where Amy studies history, since her parents parted when she was 9 years old. Despite her young age, Amy has already attended several archaeological excavations.

She likes to wear jeans and quite revealing tops. She has a special interest in agytian history and mythology. Her great idol is Howard Carter (the dicoverer of Tutankhamun's tomb).

When she's not studying or crawling around in ancient places, she likes to horse ride or play basketball with her friends.
Amy is basically an honest and nice person, but she can be quite stubborn, and if she wants something to happen it's best if it happens as soon as possible.
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