Death Angel (Lilica Von Warsen) Abilities Revised Picture

I thought and thought about what Death Angel should be about, and what the core premise should be. Then it hit me. It should take place in an academy where all of the students have to fight amongst each other in teams. I thought about what Lilica's abilities should be, and what would look the coolest to me, and I thought that she, like the other students should fight summoning monsters. They have no real mythological origins, and will be unique in their own ways, and should reflect the violent natures of their masters. In Lilica's case, her monster is a three-headed woman beast that specializes in darkness-based attacks called Vindictus Mors (Vindictive Death; Vengeful Death, and I decided the names should be in Latin).

Anyway, I changed Lilica's design to make her appear tougher and to send a "don't fuck with me" kind of message. I really like her design so far, and this might be my final design, and I will draw her repeatedly before drawing other characters and deciding who will make the cast of this dark comic.

More details in more drawings of Lilica.
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