LIN 103 JAN - Animal Studies Picture

collaboration assignment for LIN 103 class at OtherWorlde academy c:
Zeeria did lineart for Eruna (on the left) and colored Yun (on the right), while Sailyonera did lineart for Yun and colored Eruna~ ^^
it was fun collab from the start to the end x3

since the roleplay itself is way too long to be put in the comment here, it's in separate file which can be found here: LIN 103 - Animal Studies - RP. the word count is under the roleplay itself c:
text below is the very end of our roleplay.


*takes out note book and starts writing* I will write down what we did and what have we seen and most importantly, *looks in the book and reads* "Dragons can range greatly in their personalities, from very complex characters to rather dull individuals. Some dragons are kind and caring. Some are ruthless and cruel. But each is mentally unique, and has their own place in a dragon society." Oh... That sounds... the exact opposite of what my parents used to tell me.... "Dragons are very loyal, and respectful. They honor everything, even the opponent at war-time. And a Dragon almost always keeps his word. Dragons enjoy thrills, and hunting. They enjoy learning about interesting things, and talking with friends. Dragons hate loosing, or being tricked." *Closes book* Well that is enough information for me. I can relate in looks, occasionally, and even in personality. I will think about joining elementalism as well once I finish this class and see if I inherited any powers that I don't know of. *Puts book back to its place*

Yun: I think you can definitely relate to a dragon. Especially if they vary~ *opens the book he's been holding at the bookmarked page* I chose this one. *points at a picture of a fox with several tails* It's a kitsune. Both my mother's species and those come from the same part of human mythology; and even though it's a fox, it's always a female fox - just like yuki-onna is always, well, "onna". And I've read that kitsune's powers can vary, same as their habitats and colors. *points at a white one in the book* There's even white ones! I just hope it's enough..

Eruna: These are so awesome. Sly too. These kitsunes look so adorable, but I bet they are a lot more dangerous than they look... *Slowly turns head towards Yun giving him a suspicious look*

Yun: I guess we really can relate, haha... *laughs nervously* Though I am not all that dangerous. You saw I couldn't even freeze that bear, and I tried ; n ;

Eruna: *Laughs* Well you are pretty cute. I am sure one day you will be both adorable and dangerous too. I am sure glad we are not enemies. *Finishes up writing in her notebook then closes it* I am very happy I got to do my assignment with you. Shall we report to our professor then?

Yun: I might end up only dangerous! *laughs, too* But I'd rather stay nice. And also stay your, um... a friend? *blushes* Y-yes, thank you for doing the assignment with me. It sure was full, but fun day. Lets report to the professor *^^*

Eruna: Yes. Lets. And after that we could go eat something together ^^

Yun: Sure! There's cafeterias on campus, we can try one of those *smiles and puts his book back on the bookshelf, then walks out of the library and back to the class, chatting with Eruna about what might campus cafeteria have on the way*


word count for this: Eruna: 274; Yun: 215

Yun (c) Sailyonera
Eruna (c) Zeeria
art (c) Zeeria & Sailyonera

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