Kitsunoko Haruko 9-Tails Picture

This is Kitsunoko Haruko's fox form, he is the son of the 9-Tailed Fox after all. A note to all of this who see this drawing, I am not going off of the Naruto 9-tailed fox. I am going off of the original mythology of the 9-Tailed Fox, Tamamo-No-Mae, who was once was a courtesan of Japanese Emperor Konoe and eventually chased off by Abe no Yasuchika. In this part of the mythology it is said that Tamamo-No-Mae was killed by Abe no Yasuchika and an army in a plain but my story, The Immortal's Curse, takes place before this when Tamamo-No-Mae raised a human baby that was abandoned at a small hidden shrine of the Goddess Inari. The boy was named Haruko by Tamamo-No-Mae and when he became immortal she raised him again as a yokai instead of a human. Haruko took after his mother Tamamo-No-Mae and also became a 9-tailed fox.
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