Bunyip Picture

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Superorder: Archosauria
Order: Pterasauria
Suborder: Pteradactyloidea
Family: Azhdarcidae
Genus: Aquapterus
Species: australis

The bunyip is the last of its kind. Revered in troodontid mythology as a river spirit, it is descended from the flightless azhdarcids living in the pacific islands. Some species took to the water, but went extinct with the ice age. But the bunyip lived in fresh water, and thus could survive. This species is mostly aquatic, feeding on invertebrates, fish, swamp plants, and anything else that comes too close to the water. It grabs prey with a long beak. In the breeding season, honking, booming calls ring through the air. They are the males calling for the females. After mating, the females go back TO THEIR POOLS. tHE only time they climb onto land is when eggs are laid. The female clambers up and scrapes a hole to lay eggs in. She then retreats to the water, monitering them util they hatch. Once hatched, she scoops them up and places the young in the water. They live about 70 years.
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