Gethsemane Picture

My love of folklore, mythology, gods, and so forth surface again in this work, in watercolours.

To those who aren't familiar with the story, after the Last Supper, Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane and basically suffered, because he knew what was going to happen. It is an extremely powerful moment in the narrative of his life, because it shows so many aspects of him and shows, above all, his strength of character.

So the setting appealed to me, because you have a garden, a place of natural beauty and usually serenity and the healing of a soul, and you have this man who comes to it and suffers the whole spite of it, not because of it. You have that setting that usually heals the soul, heals the spirit, and you have a wound and a pain that cannot really be healed, because the real suffering has not yet begun. It's very deep stuff I think.

In any case, I hope you appreciate this as much as I was moved by the contrasting imagery and, in my mind, a powerful manifestation of them in my own imagery. Thanks for looking!
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