Zodiac Warriors - 5 - Leo Picture

Mythology: Leo was one of those old, traditional and nearly immuable signs in astrology, having almost always been a lion by nearly every civilizations that observed the stars in some astrological sense. It's current form is associated strongly with the Egyptian rise of the Nile (during midsummer, representing fortune) and Herakles' slaying of the Nemean lion (placed in the stars by Hera) as one of the twelve Labors.

Weapon: A simple claymore is an effective, imposing, and dramatic weapon. Speacialized in shearing strikes rather than blade-on-blade action, the Highlander claymore of the Celtic peoples of the British Isles was often just shy of six feet in length, nearly taller than most men, and when used by a skilled warrior could be more effective than hacking with an axe.

Piece: Leo, as the image suggests, is often seen as a commander, leader, and thouroughly masculine. History, however, tends to ignore the prominent rise of female warriors and leaders (such as Boadicca and Joan d'Arc) who were if not surpassing certainly on par with their male counterparts. I've chosen to remove any sense of gender from this piece in order to emphasize this aspect.
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