MMD Newcomer: Konoha Onest Picture

Judge: ... May the defense proceed with his cross-examination?

Konoha: ... *uncrosses arms and pushes glasses up like a badass* ... Yes, your honor...

*que music: [link] *


Ah, this is indeed my Phoenix Wright based OC, and like Apollo and Phoenix, he too, is named after a mythology bird... Konoha... And like them as well, his last name still has to deal with something relating to justice and right... honest... [ If you couldn't get the play on word ]

Anyways, here's his bio:

Name: Konoha Onest
Age: 20
Ethnicity: Japanese/Korean
Eye: Violet
Hair: Calm Black
Likes: Reading a good book, Having some alone time to himself, Going places
Dislikes: His rival Prosecutor, witnesses that don't provide enough clues to a murder scene, being mistaken for a teacher


CREDITS [That I can remember DX]

Base and Outfit from a [email protected] model
Head is by PrincessEve1
Hair from the Charuko Kaito
Glasses are from MMDFakewings18
Eyefile is from Whatura

That's about it~
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