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{ Name and Meaning }

: Ianthe :

The name comes from a flower with Greek mythology that a young girl, who was so beautiful that after her death gods grew lots of violet flowers upon her grave.

{ Personality }

Ianthe is pretty smooth and easy going at times, this grants her lots of patience as well as a cool attitude in high strung situations. There is little that gets to her although she does have a few pet peeves (people touching her rope collection, people messing with her crafts/important items). Although it does take a lot of poking and prodding to get on her bad side.

She tends to adore organization and prefers to keep to a schedule rather than freely going on about the day ready for surprises. It can make her a bit frustrated if something doesn't go as planned or goes out of flow with her schedule but she does power through it.

Whenever shes upset she likes to seclude herself from others and just focus on relaxing, it helps when she holds her mothers flower rope that is always with her at all times.

Being she is so easy going she can be pretty outspoken by more energetic/loud creatures and she often lets this happen. She has been called a push-over many times but she knows from what her mother said that she cant please everyone. Of course she doesn't let herself get pushed around. She's known for her snark when shes miffed.

She tends to be very motherly and this helps when shes a healer when she works with some of the younger creatures. Many are a fan of her for her caring or semi-sarcastic air.

{ Back-Story }

Ianthe wouldn't be who she was without her caring mothers raising. Every day her mother would watch out for her from birth, making sure shes safe as well as in place. There wasn't a time Ianthe was scolded for bad attitude or bad behavior but that's only what good parents need to do. Ianthe's mother was known throughout the nests to be a good rope crafter, making some of the strongest and sturdiest ropes around as well as very pretty decoration ropes without a single touch of magic. On a special day of Ianthe's birthday her mother presented her a beautiful flower crafted rope that had been passed down from generation to generation. Ianthe still remembers her mother day dreaming as she talked about the rope and how her mother had been so nice as to pass it on to her. She had went on for at least an hour talking about her and her grandmother, and many before that. Ianthe even remembered the sudden pause she had and the sad smile on her face as she was presented the flower rope. Not a month later her mother vanished without a trace, leaving Ianthe alone and heart broken.

Luckily for her, she had wonderful friends and many even took her in and helped her get situated where she was. Ianthe would never forget their kindness as they also had molded her to who she was, they taught her that kindness is essential no matter how little it always helps.

Her mother had also taught her many things before she had vanished, especially her magnificent rope crafting. (She couldn't keep Ianthe away). Eventually Ianthe found out she also had a passion for it and did a lot of it herself, although she wasn't nearly as good as her mother she still likes to drabble here and there. Through this she up took many crafts and began to do these things whenever overly stressed as they became a good escape for her. She now adorns herself with these crafts as well as always wearing her mothers flower rope.

Months later on a fateful night there had been a terrible storm, throwing the entire nest off guard. Apparently many fatalities had arose from the lack of knowledge and many good workers were lost. That being said there were also many orphans, one stood out among the rest as Ianthe had been running around checking for injuries. A young rocky tsimu by the name of Orion. He had been very negative and often depressed unlike the others which still had a little hope in their eyes. Ianthe being the motherly thing that she is she couldn't help but be pulled forward by the young Rocky. Gently approaching and asking if he would like to be taken in by her. Through that she basically raised him just as her mother had raised Ianthe herself, Orion was grateful of her kind raising.

A year has now passed and Ianthe lives in the present, a successful and caring healer and crafter. She has also taken up a passion of flower gardening that suits her calm disposition. She continues to further live happily with her younger adopted brother Orion.

(Orion Owned by Vontier)

{ Other }

  • Ianthe has a huge fear of spiders as well as large reptiles.
  • Ianthe loves fish though and loves to watch them
  • Ianthe is very hard to wake up in the morning
  • Ianthe is not an early bird
  • Ianthe is often seen late rather than early
  • Ianthe dislikes doing stuff that doesn't appeal to her
  • Actually she hates it
  • Ianthe is poor at history but freakin snazzy at math and science
  • Ianthe is snarky when annoyed or overly tired
  • sass.
  • Ianthe is terrible at jokes and understanding them but she pretends
  • she... she pretends,,,
  • Ianthe loves small things and animals.
  • Her favorite food is a peach.


I'm actually very proud of myself and I think I did pretty okay! Although my hand hurts.
I'll probably add more info if I think of more!

THERE ARE A FEW MISTAKES BECAUSE I COULDN'T KEEP TRACK OF LAYERS and i had to re color the other side since i just hADDDD to be asymmetrical...

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