Ecco Tattoo Picture

This is the constellation Delphinus, my favorite... not only because I love dolphins and stars, but also because of Ecco, the dolphin game character who got me highly interested in both topics besides. For years when I was younger i drew nothing but dolphins and whales, and came to love the ocean from the games that made up the short Ecco series.

Since Ecco has had such an impact on my life, I decided to get a tattoo of the constellation on his forehead.

From wiki:

"Delphinus is associated with two stories from Greek mythology.

According to the first one, the Greek god Poseidon wanted to marry Amphitrite, a beautiful nereid. She, however, wanting to protect her virginity, fled to the Atlas mountains. Her suitor then sent out several searchers, among them a certain Delphinus. Delphinus accidentally stumbled upon her and was able to persuade Amphitrite to accept Poseidon's wooing. Out of gratitude the god placed the image of a dolphin among the stars.[citation needed]

The second story tells of the Greek poet Arion of Lesbos (7th century BC), a court musician at the palace of Periander, ruler of Corinth. Arion had amassed a fortune during his travels to Sicily and Italy. On his way home from Tarentum his wealth caused the crew of his ship to conspire against him. Threatened with death, Arion asked to be granted a last wish which the crew granted: he wanted to sing a dirge. This he did, and while doing so, flung himself into the sea. There, he was rescued by a dolphin which had been charmed by Arion's music. The dolphin carried Arion to the coast of Greece and left."
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