Vastrato Profile Picture

Name: Vastrato

Scientific Name: Vastrata Somniumus

Species: Spinosauradae (Spinosaurus, Suchomimus, Baryonyx)

Length: 180 meters(Messed up on the size in the picture)

High: 90 meters(Messed up on the size in the picture)

Abilities: Flexible and elastic body. Hard Skin. Powerful Noise based attacks.

Diet: Preferably meat, but will literally eat anything. Even dirt and rocks.

Weakness: Slow and heavy. Usually to heavy to stay out of water for long.

Description and other: Vastrato had laying in dormant for somewhere around 120,000 years before he awoke. Nobody knew how long he had lived, but it’s believed that he is over 400,000 from his size and from a tooth that was left in a L.O.P submarine that had age rings in it. It’s believed that he is the reference to a lot of myths and legends around the world such as The Serpent of Midgard and Leviathan. Most who have seen him in the past, such as those 120,000 years ago never saw his true body. Just the head and long elastic neck that made him seem like a giant serpent or some other long bodied creature.
This leads the fact that Vastrato is heavy, and prefers staying in water where he is weightless. Vastrato of course though, does venture onto land for various reasons. Though usually for no longer then a day or two, then it’s back into the sea where he can swim. Vastrato, for a Therapod is actually more like a Crocodile. In-fact its easy to say that he is the cross between a land Living Spinosaurus, and a sea thriving crocodile. But DNA shows he is no where near to crocodiles or at least not closely. His behavior as a carnivore is somewhat off, since he claims no territory or tries fighting other massive Kaiju. This is believed to the fact he’s to big and slow, and that alone make his nature very placid. His diet involves mostly whales and other large marine life, but even that is not enough for such a huge creature. Vastrato will eat anything from living animals, to ships, to rocks and even dirt. This is once again, due to his immense size. Vastrato just simply can not get all his nutrients from just hunting Whales and Mass schools of fish. When Vastrato isn’t eating, he usually is asleep near an island or some shallows where his head is laying halfway out of the water so he can breathe. Given his appetite, it’s amazing he bothers sleeping at all really.
Vastratos personality and attitude is laid back and peaceful as stated before. He seems to have a steady competition towards other creatures. Mostly other kaiju. But despite this, he tends to avoid fights most of the time. It seems that Vastrato has intelligence that surpasses most brainless monsters his size, at least judging from his ability to depict when he wants to fight.
When a monster tries to start a fight with Vastrato, it’s not hard for him to intimidate away the annoyance. He usually uses his long heavy tail to rise up higher then his foe, and roar loudly. The roar is a massive boom of energy that can send flying objects flying back a few feet. After that he claps his jaws together with mass force, sending a thunderous clap that pierces hearing and leaves a painful ring. After words, he snaps his jaws together rapidly that shows off the impaling teeth. All of this usually sends others packing and thinking twice about messing with a super predator like Vastrata Somniumus.
Another note, Vastrata isn’t evil. He tends to not be the good guy either… just seems to do what he wants, when he wants, and ignore everything else. And despite his fair amount of intelligence for a reptile, he refuses to deal with humans. Humans are not on his favorites of things. But he doesn’t hate them either. But he refuses to tolerate human attacks or humans tracking him. He immediately destroys any probes and a device he finds that are fallowing him or just destroys them because he finds them annoying. And that brings up his other reason to fight. He loves his earthly home and knows of nature’s importance. He knows very well the threat humans represent to it, and will do all his power to protect his home. If he finds a reason to protect the world around him, he does fight and usually wipes out the danger.
Vastratos way of fighting is not nothing special. Swings of his huge, heavy head and tail mostly. His jaws pose a threat, and his for-arms are deadly as anything else on him. Vastrato will eat his foes if they are dead, and if small enough. Prefers to swallow completely, using his elastic skin to eat like a giant snake or something.
A fact to note is Vastrato made his place in Norse mythology as Jörmungandr, The Midgard Serpent along side Thor, another kaiju. Vastrato and Thor in history were mortal enemies to each other, but no one really knows why. When Vastrato made landfall in Tokyo, Thor went to confront Vastrato and battled against him. In the end, Thor managed to drive Vastrato back into the sea and left Vastrato with an unpleasant defeated feeling. Vastrato ever since has stuck around Akan Crater where he minds his own business, but everyone knows he will return to draw out his enemy and fight him again.


Wow this toke ages to make. I mean, first i had to draw the Black and White part, then color it, then make the information, then the story, then edit it some, then past it all together and give a few words in the main picture.

first off, i know that this looks kinda crappy. but considering all that i have, its all i could do. i dont have any photoshop, i dont have exsperiencedoing this, and its my first time doing anything.
so anyway i used the classic Colored Pencils i used that blend easily. deciding to make his color was a challenge and in my opinion i made him to brightly colored. at least his underside anyway. the top part is a earthly mix of brown, green and some blue that mades another shade of green when mixed the right way. so in the end he looks like he has moss and algae growing on him since he is really old.

im not sure what else to say other then i hope i did a good job, and all of you out there who read this enjoy the kaiju i made. Vastrato.
i owe a thank you to
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