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Name: "Reivn."
Age: Appears as a young adult, actual age around 100
Gender: Female
Height: 5 feet and 6 inches; about 168 centimeters
Weight: 140 pounds; about 63.5 kilograms
Orientation: asexual

Dorm: Pearl (Hall Monitor)
    • History • Astrology/Mythology • Health/Sexual education

Special Abilities:
Being able to see one’s memories. (I will ask a character’s owner for permission to use this ability at a time.)
    Activation: She must be in physical contact with the memories’ occupant for it to work. With physical contact, she can trigger her ability whenever she wants-- it isn’t automatic, but does take some energy to activate.
    Regulation: She can drag herself out of an occupant’s memories, and the occupant can push Reivn out. Mind shields can block it completely, and there is no way for Reivn to get around them. She can use it in one “session” for up to 20 minutes.
    Accuracy: Reivn herself can’t choose which memories she gets to see. The occupant must be thinking of a specific memory for Reivn to see, otherwise it’s only a bundle of random memories thrown to her.
    Limitations: She doesn’t just stand by and watch the memories fly by, she actually feels everything that was felt in the memory, as though it were her own. Taking herself out of seeing memories leaves her with a slight headache and clouded vision. Being pushed out of an occupant’s memories leaves her with a strong headache, fatigue, and clouded vision.
    As a natural side effect, her eyesight deteriorates. Depending on how often she uses the power, and for how long the memory-sessions last, the blinding process speeds up.
    Another side effect: the more memories Reivn views, the less of her own memories are kept. It’s like an exchange system, except Reivn is the only medium. An occupant’s memory lodges itself in her memory bank, taking the place of one of Reivn’s own memories- which is lost and cannot be recovered at all. After using this ability, she cannot use the power again for a total of 2 hours, no matter how long the last session lasted.
    Other Info: Recent memories are easiest to see, and are the memories most likely to pop up without a specific target memory. Older memories take more time to show up, and are harder to “hold on” to when viewing. Early memories are difficult to catch, and take more effort to view. Lost or forgotten memories are the hardest to view; they take massive amounts of energy and multiple memory-sessions to see and even when viewing, aren’t clear pictures at all. Despite being very difficult to “see”, the emotions and physical feelings from the forgotten memories are much more potent and harming to Reivn than any other memory. Can only be used on others.

    Range of healing:
      Minor burns, small cuts, minor bruises (easy) Second degree burns, deep cuts, deeply bruised muscle tissue (not so easy) Third degree burns, bruised bone, ripped/torn skin or muscle tissue (difficult) Fractured bone (impossible)
    Activation: must have physical contact with the patient. A white light gathers around her hands as she heals.

    Regulation:With physical contact, she can activate and stop healing at will, depending on her strength. If she has already exhausted too much energy, her healing will be difficult to re-activate or extend over a period of time. The brightness of the white light around her hands shows the strength of healing. Brighter light= effective healing. Dull light= weak/ineffective.

    Accuracy: Depending on her strength and the severity of the wound, she is either very accurate, healing efficiently, or not accurate at all and takes a long time to heal.

    Limitations: Healing takes energy. Healing for a long amount of time, healing often, and healing severe wounds leave her exhausted and unable to use any other special abilities. If she heals too many people (or, too severe of wounds) in a day, she won’t be able to use healing magic for another day—a recharge period, if you will.

    Other Info: She cannot heal herself efficiently. Healing cannot be used at the same time as her memory ability. Her healing energy rejects low-level healers, therefore making her difficult to heal for inexperienced users.

    Emotional resilience. She is strong-willed, determined, and very optimistic. She believes that she can do what she sets her mind to, and hardly ever gets dragged down by stresses or sorrows.

    Physical strength. She is incredibly strong in the physical sense as well as emotional, as she likes to lift weights and keep herself bulked up. This is because she dislikes the idea of ever being weak or helpless, and because she can easily do things on her own without the assistance of others.

    Her pride. She is incredibly confident in herself, to the point of arrogance. She absolutely loves being complimented and praised, and does not take well to criticism at all. Because of her overconfidence, she tends to take on much more than what she can actually handle.

    Any exercise that is mainly cardio. While she has bulk, she is weak when it comes to anything that involves movement of the whole body, and prolonged exercise such as running, dancing, swimming, etc.

    Her temper. Though she is kind and sweet, she is very easy to anger, and does not control her anger well at all.

    Lack of knowledge. She is very uneducated when it comes to mathematics, science, and history. While she has a large vocabulary and high literary comprehension, she often fails to understand more modern sayings, phrases, and has a difficult time differentiating between sarcasm and sincerity.

    Her fear of being useless. She is incredibly frightened of the idea of being helpless or useless, and can't stand being idle or left behind. She always keeps herself busy and always offers to help others, if only to give herself a momentary purpose. Her unclear memory gives her much trouble to the mind, with the idea that 'if I don't know where I came from, how will I know where I'm going?' Reivn tries hard to give herself a strong identity.

    • classical music, particularily the piano

    • sweet foods, bitter souls

    • being in charge

    • games, challenges, winning

    • all animals though she adores smaller ones, especially rodents

    • fluffs and frills and bows and ribbons

    • dressing up, being complimented on her appearance

    • electronic music, modern music, dancing

    • waking up early

    • sweet souls

    • being bossed around, interrupted, or ignored

    • lying, liars, cheaters, showoffs

    • silence, empty rooms

    • casual clothes

    • public displays of affection

    Outgoing, friendly, kind-hearted, empathetic, stubborn, short-tempered, easily impressed, easily distracted, talkative, loyal, polite, generous, expressive.

    She’s honest and always says what’s on her mind, no matter who she is speaking to. Her honesty, however, goes to the point of being rudely blunt to where she can be rather sassy and snippy. She isn't afraid to hold back her opinion-- which she holds very much pride in. She can be closed-minded at times. Even though she is empathetic and tries to be there for her friends, she can be overbearing, always trying to play the mediator.

    A kind and amiable girl, and she loves to meet people and make friends-- once made, Reivn never hesitates to step in for. She loves to be of help, always offering to assist another demon. Though this isn’t purely out of a kind heart, she holds a deep fear of being useless and unwanted. Perhaps her kindness goes overboard at this point, but she insists on taking full responsibility for anything that goes wrong, insisting that every problem should be given to her because she can handle it when others can’t.

    She is incredibly overconfident and vain, believing that she is emotionally stronger that most other demons, and always thinking of her thoughts and actions as what is 'right.' She has a strong sense of justice, unusual for a demon, although this is mostly part of her pride in herself. She does her best to do what is ‘right’ in her mind, even going so far as telling others that what they’re doing is ‘wrong’. Her confidence leads her to be very stubborn-- once she sets out to do something she’ll do it, no matter how difficult it may be. Even being beat down by an opponent stronger than her won’t keep her at bay.

    Despite her friendliness, she has a very short and explosive temper. She does not handle her anger well at all, and often resorts to violence and throwing objects at the source of her irritation, and when she's angry she doesn't give any care to the well being of who/what upset her. Debates don't go well with her, as she holds too much pride in her own opinions and is easily angered by people disagreeing with her.

    She is also rather prude, frightened by the idea of romance and sex, often scolding couples for public displays of affection, and shying away from romantic advances.

    She is very strong in the face of blood and gore-- after all, she can cause it.

(Note: Reivn’s history is written as Reivn can remember it. I can only reveal as much as she knows or speculates, unless asked to do otherwise. Her recent history is perfectly accurate, whereas her earlier history is off; Reivn cannot remember most of her life pre-institution. Her history during the institution may be vague, but this is because Reivn herself has blocked out certain memories.)
    Reivn believes to have had a happy, relatively bump-free childhood. Her family included her mother, her father, and her younger brother (all MC). They lived in a small house in a small suburban community. Reivn attended the local elementary school where she became friends with a girl named Yume. However, it quickly became apparent that Reivn possessed a special power- the ability to see memories. She could not control this ability at the time. Whenever she made contact with another student, the memories would flow in and leave the young girl sick and weak. Because of this, she was pulled out of school. But Reivn, an adventurous child, would often sneak out of the house and play at the nearby MC park or spend time with Yume at her house.

    She lived this life until her tenth birthday, when a trio of mysterious demons barged into her home. These demons belonged to a religious cult, a group against Averism and Skye, that abducted young demons with powers they deemed as useful to their 'cause', whatever that may be. Reivn was taken away, without knowing what happened to the rest of her family.

    Now kept in a hidden facility, Reivn is put through grueling physical tests, mental exercises to strengthen her ability, and drug experimentation. In her down time, she is kept in an isolated cell and fed intravenously. The scientists had planned to attempt to fuse her soul with a more powerful demon's in an illegal, dangerous soul-transfiguration experiment. However, before the experiment could be carried out, the facility was raided and subsequently shut down. An anti-Skype group can't run for very long without notice, can it? Amidst the chaos of the raid, Reivn managed to escape, though only barely.

    She wandered on her own for days, until she had no strength to continue walking. She passed out just at the edge of a road, and laid there for perhaps hours, perhaps more days-- until another demon that escaped the scene managed to find her. He didn't give his name, or if he did, Reivn couldn't remember it, and only carried her the rest of the way to a small neighborhood and leaving her at the front steps of a small house. Yume's house.

    From then on, Reivn lived with Yume and her family-- whom had unofficially adopted her and raised her alongside her best friend. For years they lived together, until the heard of the new all-MC school. They decided to enroll and take classes together.

Additional Info:
    • Heavy sleeper.

    • Owns a pair of customized glasses that Xilo helped her pick out. She wears them around her neck, only putting them on when she reads or works.

    • Has a surprisingly insensitive body. Isn't ticklish, and has a high pain register

    • Spends quite a bit of time on her hair in the afternoon, before setting out into public ground. She enjoys dressing and dolling herself up, believing that a lady must always present herself well.

    • Entirely fond of sweets, and is quite the patisser.

    • Can play the piano, albeit not too well.

    • She cannot remember her birth name, and only remembers the name given to her in the facility, "Subject 2453, Rejection 31, Visionary Nexus." She shortened this to an acronym, and calls herself by that.

    Her voice: Ayako Kawasumi

    • She has a wide variety of dresses.

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