OCT Host: Black Widow Picture


• Name: Black Widow
• Nickname: BW, Risanna, or Risa
• Age: 17
• Gender: Female
• Powers: Corrupting teh innocents 8D
• Height: 5’4 and a half
• Personality: On the outside, BW is a normal teenage girl. She does fairly well in school, likes boys (and girls), has a dog, and loves to hang out with friends. When you meet her at public places, like school, she wouldn’t stand out in any way. But this isn’t high school. Now, you are venturing into her territory, and she has no reason to hide. Here you will see every inch of the insanity this girl is capable of. Come prepared, because she cant wait to meet you.
• Relationship to the other character(s): She loves all of her characters, though some more than others. Some may wont her dead, but usually the ones kept alive don’t care either way. She feeds them and doesn’t interfere with their activities. She also doesn’t understand PF and MP’s fear of them; they’re only doing what’s natural for them.
• How did they get dragged into this situation?: She actually likes to meet other artists. <strike> Plus you can never have too much food</strike>
• Strengths: Has demons within her (true story. >.> <.< ), knows random mythological creatures from different countries. Like a Valravn , torture, gayness, etc.
• Weaknesses: Demons within, spiders, roller coasters, milk (Lactoseintolerant), math, Physics, adorable demonic children, pretty things, etc.
• Species: Homo sapiens


Art and Persona (c) ~Risanna
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