DA Application- Amaya Picture

Name- Amaya Deadwood
Age- 17
Species- Female, HellHound
Height- 5'4
Weight- 98lb
Orientation- straight

*Transformation into hound form at any time(roughly 4' and about 150lb.) though she hates her beast form, and rarely uses it
*mild if not high control over fire in beast form (she can only make a tiny fire spark in human form right now)
*Ability to Shadow Travel in either form- she can absorb into shadows for either hiding or travelling from one shadow to another
*Minor Shadow Manipulation- so far she can only slightly control her shadow, and often backfires and her shadow trys to kill her ^^"
*"Shadow Dream"- she can pull someone into a shadow with her, though unlike her, whose senses are built to live in the shadow-like "realm", all of their senses are nulled (cant be used, as in they couldnt feel anything, hear anything, taste anything, ect.)
there, hellhounds are to manipulate the shadows to bend their "victums" senses to create hell-like illusions, scaring them to death to drag them further into the shadow to Hades, but being both young and unskilled in this area, she can only effect one sense at a time, and often gets very dizzy or even faints if she trys it to long therefore.

*enhanced hearing, smelling, and sight
*increased agility, speed and strength (while her human form is increased, her beast form is more so)
* Trained in hand to hand combat using flexabilty (her style is pressure point fighting) and slightly trained in close-range light weapens (tantos, short-swords, knives, wires, ect.)

~Personality- Amaya comes off as a very silent, rough type of person who doesnt want to be bothered from first sight, for that was the enviroment shes always lived in. Though, her true personality is a rather devious prankster who likes to tease people, though she can be serious she hardly shows it and most of the time just wants to cause mischief or have fun.


~Reason for enrolling-
Amaya- ...to train, meet new people... learn more about this interesting world~ *tail wags abit as she smirks*

~Interesting Facts?-

*Amaya has a tendancy to pull pranks and tease those close to her, one of her many favorite things to do is pop out of a stranger's shadow randomly and start a conversation... most of the time ending up in them running away screaming
*Amaya loves to flirt with shy people, though its not because she likes the person, she says its "funny to see their reaction"
** on that note, if someone flirts with her, she gets flustered and ends up punching them, not knowing how to take it, as an insult or compliment ^.^" (since shes not used to human world ways)
*Even though she teases her friends, if she sees someone else picking on them, she'll get defensive on their part and protect them
*Amaya hasent been in the human world long, she was only allowed in her human form because of school, which is why she mostly refuses to change to her beast form
*Amaya has a thing for gadgets of the human world, since she hasn't really seen them before, and will do anything to get her hands on them (guns seemed to peak her interest the most)
**i advise you not to give her gadgets or a gun though... shes not very gentle with them... or a very good shot for that matter...
*Also, its best not to lend her any money or sellable things... she kinda has a betting problem
*she tends to wear herself out at times, and skips class to sleep on the roof
*Amaya tends to wear a smirk most of the time, as if shes hiding something, as well as when you ask about it, she will most likely just smirk wider and walk away
*Even if Amaya is most of the time a being random, or lazy... if something angers her enough she wont think twice about changing forms and devoring the person whole

Abit of info on Breed-

A hell hound is a Hound from Hades(The Greek god of the underworld). A hellhound is a dog of Hell, found in mythology, Folklore and its also seen in fiction. Hellhounds typically have features such as black fur color, glowing red eyes, super strength and/or speed, ghostly or phantom characteristics, and sometimes even the ability to talk. Hellhounds are often associated with the element of fire, and may have fire-based abilities and appearances, hellhounds appear out of nowhere suddenly and have been known to vanish in a blink of an eye. They are often assigned to guard the entrances to the world of the dead, such as graveyards and Indian burial grounds, or undertake other duties related to the afterlife or the supernatural, such as hunting down lost souls or guarding a supernatural treasure. There is a legend, it tells that if one happened to see the hellhound three times, he or she will die an abrupt and unseen death. They were said to bring yeahthe souls of the dead/dieing to hades. It is said that hell hounds have the ability to shadow travel, the ability to travel through shadows.

-Black Dog-
Black Dogs are a whole class of monstrous, canine apparitions prevalent in European folklore, showing up frequently in English and Scottish lore. These mythical creatures are also often known as Hellhounds, and are described as being huge dogs, roughly the size of a calf (though there have been sightings which have placed them as large as horses); covered in thick, shaggy black hair and with glowing red eyes.

Despite their name, these creatures are not necessarily black, as there have been reports of them being white, spotted, yellow and even brown. Sometimes, though very rarely, there are reports of Cerberean Black Dogs – meaning they have two or three heads. The Hellhound’s canine teeth are often described as being longer than average, and, to many people, seem to be grinning at some hidden knowledge, rather like a canine Cheshire Cat. Black Dogs may be benevolent; they may be malicious; or they may be neither. These apparitions appear at places that serve as transition archetypes – places such as lonely county rounds, ancient highways, bridges, crossroads, and shallowed entrances. Some Hellhounds are said to guard treasure or sacred places. More often than not, if you leave a Black Dog alone, it will not bother you; but if you attempt to harm one, the consequences are dire. Black Dogs can inflict frightful wounds that may prove fatal. Indeed, in much folklore that describes these creatures, to see one is portent of death, though there have been purported instances of Black Dogs guiding lost travelers to safety. Black Dogs are also associated with fire – specifically, the flames surrounding the hound, and the presence of scorched earth and/or claw marks burned into wood or metal left in the beast’s wake.

Black Dog Description:

Coat, blacker than night, this doesn't gleam in the moonlight like a coat of a living dog. Sometimes white, spotted, yellow or brown.

Eyes, some report eyes glowing of evil; others tell of terrible, empty black pits. Though mostly they are blood-red.

Claws, these spring viciously from huge paws that make no sound as the monster lopes along. The paws also leave no prints, even in the softest soil.

Mouth, the teeth are hideously long and sharp, and foul saliva reeking of sulfur may drool from the beast's jaws.

And lets not forget its strength and agility, both of which are great.

Amaya Deadwood(c) Belongs to me
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