Akita Jabeen {MA} Picture

Name: Akita Jabeen

Age: 25

Height: 5'4"

Monster type/species:
The Garuda (Sanskrit: गरुड़ garuḍa) is a large mythical bird, bird-like creature, or humanoid bird that appears in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology. Garuda is the mount (vahana) of the Lord Vishnu. Garuda is the Hindu name for the constellation Aquila. The Brahminy kite and Phoenix are considered to be the contemporary representations of Garuda. Indonesia adopts a more stylistic approach to the Garuda's depiction as its national symbol, where it depicts a Javanese eagle (being much larger than a kite).

Grade: Freshman

Glamor item: Collar

Characters Major: M.P.E.

Current Classes: Potions and Human studies

Passed Classes: None

Current Points: See moxi

Natural weapons: Teeth, Talons, Wings

Trained weapons: Chakrams


Water: Although birds are the fish of the sky, they can not function well in water. Drench a garuda in water and you have a lot of imblanace issues with flying as well as they can drown very easily. All around the Garuda avoid water, it's not a element they are most comfortable with.

Fire: As many things on this planet fire can burn and cause death. However it's a little different with Garuda as they have plumage and even a small flame, the fire can catch her wings on fire, and even her hair. This is obviously more detrimental to a being that uses wings to fly. Mmm Fried Chicken...

Hollow Bones: As most winged creatures that use thier wings to fly, a garuda has hollow bones. Her bones are easy to snap and break, she's had a couple broken bones in her life. particularily in her left shin bone broken twice, if small pressure is applied, it causes her great pain.

Honor bound: Garuda's are a noble fighting race, they protected shrines and other important artifacts from naga, asura, and other potential threats. When fighting foes against her she is ruthless and unforgiving. However if a complete innocent were to cross her path, she was raised to protect the innocent and assist them in any way she could. Menaing if you have a little shit of a character, she couldn't hurt them. If your character was a bad person....yeahhh....it could go down south. This is a super natural dictate, she has no control over this and can not, even if she tried hurt someone.

Holy isn't everything: She is extreemly suseptible to dark magic of any kind. Garuda are beings of holy symbols and assitants to the gods, their natural opposite element would be of darkness. Any evil object that has been cursed or drenched with enough black magic will make her rash and blister upon contact.

Major Skills:

Arial Combat: Being a creature of flight and being taught from a young age to fight with her strongest assets, she is adept in arial manuvering. Using her Chakrams she can throw the sharp frisbies and make them come back to her with her air current.

Great Winds: With her wings she is able of manipulating currents of wind, at this current moment she is a young Garuda and can not summon hurricanes like her older sisters. She controls the wind by moving her wings, if her wings are bound she can not use this power.

Holy fire: This is no normal fire, this is fire from her gods. This fire is incappable of hurting innocents, it will give off a warm heat instead. Wicked people at the other end of her fire will feel it's searing burns and blister easily. In her current stage she can summon the fire in small balls and control them easily.

Minor Skills:

Keen Eyesight: Her eyes area that of an Eagel's, they can penetrate far into the distance and she could probably read you a vision chart from 5000 ft away.

Expert Aviator: Since she was born with wings, she's had more than enough practice to manuver with her grand wings.

Enhanced Consistution: Being rased in a warrior village, where everythign is strength, she has good stamina and can take a hit.


All the while she is a honorble Garuda, she grew up with 5 other sisters. All of which her sisters teased her and bickered and whined about nearly everything, because of this she has a very high bullshit toerance. However if you call her out or say she's lied, prepare for a battle at which you've never seen. While mature, she is not afraid to show her worth. She has rather smart mouth and usually will try to go for the most comidic route. She is honest to a fault and finds no reason to lie. Nagas and Asura are the Garuda's natural enemies and she will act coldly towards these monsters. ( It's a little racists) Akita likes to build her muscles and train her body, she finds physical exams and trials to be infinetly easier. She is not challenged in the mind, she just prefers to not spend her time on useless things. Akita is a strong girl and because of her sisters, who teased her and were always taller and wed first, she trained hard everyday to get those impressive abs. Now she can throw her winged sisters farther than they would like to fly.

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