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okay, so first things first, Thalanos' name should actually be Thanatos--I somehow mixed up his name somewhere along the lines.xD

Anyways, two OTHER Dannies that end up making appearances (Or at least are referred to) in Park Nine.

Thanatos Phantom
Ghost (Body is an immortal avatar however, formerly belonging to Olympolis purine Thanatos)
There's a lot of random purine politics involved with how EXACTLY Thanatos came into being, but basically here's the basic purine summary:
For every religion, there's a set of light purines that were the basis for their gods. Light City is the one for which Christianity was formed because of, for example. There is one above a certain greek mountain called Olympolis, where a set of purines that are strikingly similar to the Greek gods reside.
However, these gods fell out of the mainstream a while ago, and so they don't prosper like the Light City purines would through human worship. However, they still have a huge base with vampires (Think Nyx, goddess of night). However, the death gods really got hit bad since they can't proceed with doing their jobs due to the introduction of the reaper. However, these gods will take on human avatars, and often end up leading the reapers.
This was what happened with Purine Thanatos: He was directing a district of reapers in greece, when, unfortunately, someone killed him. His ascended self managed to get back to Olympolis, but the body was left behind. For some reason, Purine Nyx placed some magic on the body, allowing for her fellow purine to come back at any time in the same body.

This avatar was cryogenically frozen, and ended up on a supernatural black market, where it came under possession of the Dalv Group. However, this body was useless with out Thanatos...or some other ethereal creature, perhaps, within it.
Cut to Danela Masters, whom, before leaving Amity Park, found Freakshow's staff (in PN Amity it never broke, it just ended up embedded in a stream....), and took it back to Wisconsin with her. Now, normally it wouldn't trap excess souls, but for some reason the most recent hypnosis victim has a retained copy. Thus, using the staff, they placed the mind of the Evil Danny into Thanatos' body. Thus, Thanatos Phantom came to be.
He's extremely malicious, and though he lacks purine abilities, he can still wield some pretty nasty ghost attacks. Also, he doesn't don that greek-y outfit that he's wearing in the image. However, he does have a large assemblage of other outfits.
The hatchet thing is actually his scythe, which changes in size--the red blade can take out humans, but anything else is handled with the green blade.
Clockwork posits there to be two possible origins of the Evil Future Danny (also dubbed Abbadon Phantom in PN), one is Thanatos Phantom, whom ages and becomes even worse than he is now. The other...well, you'll have to wait for Breaking Day to see.^^

Daniel Foster
Human (Though some suspect he's a vampire familiar)
Currently DECEASED.
Daniel Foster was alive back when Edwin was a human. He was to be the heir of a fantastic scientific corporation, or Foster Enterprises. (Basically, he was the Paris Hilton of the 1920's. Isn't that HOTT?) He was basically an antisocial fellow, only seeking to please his father, Vladimir Foster. However, he met Evaline, Edwin's sister, and fell in love--she looked like his mother (Oi.) Thus, as a result, Foster took Edwin under his wing, and sort of became friends with him. He would often go on crazy hunts for strange mythological artifacts, leaving Edwin to guard the company.
However, on one of these absences, Edwin shot someone in self defense, but got framed for murder. Oddly enough, Daniel tried to fight for Edwin's innocence. But Daniel failed to do anything, and as a result Edwin ended up a vampire, while Daniel died before Danny Fenton even came to stroll upon Cloud Nine territory.

Nobody had ever seen Daniel's father after his mother died--it was rumored by the supernatural community at the time that he was turned into a Vultaryan vampire and cloistered himself from society as a result, but nobody is really sure, and Edwin never bothered to ask Daniel.

As for Evaline and Daniel...well, after Edwin was 'executed', Ev was so overcome by grief that she ended up being too distant for Daniel's taste, and they sort of had a mutual break-up. Ev would wander around for some time, and the rest I really don't know from there.xDD

Danny Phantom (c) Butch Hartman
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