DarkAgeStuck- A Medieval AU Picture

I decided I'd upload this. I dunno if I'll be reposting panels from the forum on here just yet. I guess I can if you want me to. You can read it from the beginning here: [link]

Basically, this is an AU based off the Homestuck storyline that takes place sometime during medieval times. The actual time period is never specified, so although it's called DarkAgestuck, it could be at some other point in time. In a way, I'm using this as an excuse to learn more about life during that time. So far the characters I've decided on are Hans (a squire), Olga (a princess), and the currently unnamed male and female (a soothsayer and a maiden respectively). I don't really know much about them yet, except for their mythological roles which should be pretty damn obvious considering what I just told you, except for the princess. If anyone wants to help me pick their aspects, I guess you can, cause honestly I'm having trouble thinking of good ones.

Anyway, that's enough rambling. If I decide to start uploading it here too, then you can expect all the panels I've made so far to be uploaded either tonight or sometime tomorrow.
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