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✖ Exylver Lyne ✖

❝ Make Me. ❞

20 | | July 11 | | 170cm (5'6) | 58kg (127 lbs)| Location: Hosoo | Nationality: Scottish ◀

Group: re--volution | AllMate: Citybell | AllMate Species: East Pacific Red Octopus |AllMate Gender: Female | Team: TBA ◀

✖ P e r s o n a l i t y ✖

▶ Hopeful | Daring | Dependable | Imaginative | Self-aware | Thorough | Callous | Impetuous | Selfish | Vengeful ◀

This daring little ladyloves to go on adventures. Her courage combined with a willingness to take risks or attempt difficult unconventional things can get her anywhere. That’s why Exylver got to stay in Japan, but it probably has a lot to do with her impetuosity too. She often acts on the spur of the moment, without considering the consequences. That also is some of the factors that cause her callousness. Exylver often doesn’t show any concern that other people might be hurt or upset. She’s a bit selfish and mostly concerned with her own interests, needs, and wishes while ignoring those of others. Despite all of this, Exylver is unexpectedly dependable. If she makes promises, she keeps them. If you trust her your secrets, she’ll keep them safe forever. If anyone places trust in her, she tries to place her hope in them. She’s quite the reliable girl if it comes in good for her. It just depends on her mood. One that canchange unpredictably from cheerful rainbow goddess to the slave mistress that lives somewhere between the fires in the depths of hell. Cheers to the moodiness, people! Do something she doesn’t like when she’s in a bad mood, and her vengeful side will be sure things with get right back at you worse than you imagine. She’ll use her thoroughness and imagination to brew some kind of wicked plan. Exylver is able to deal resourcefully with unusual problems, from mental images of something that is not perceived as real and not present to the senses -yet-. Until she figures how to make things come true exactly how she wants it, though that doesn’t mean she’s not in for surprises. Exylver also has quite some self-awareness. This girl knows what she can and can’t do. If she knows she’s going to fail at something, she probably won’t even lift a finger.

P h o b i a s & P h i l i a s ✖

▶ Phobias ◀

She gets really sick in them cause to the cabin pressure

checks for dead animals or insects in the bag

She’s scared to get allergic reactions

Peanut butter
scared it’ll stick to the roof of her mouth forever

Toads and Garden Gnomes
No just really, look at how these things try to stare people's souls out

Doctors and hospitals
they always mean there’s something wrong

▶ Philias ◀

No, not because of Japanese hentai, but just because they're really handy. Citybell can hold all her gear while she's working, so adorable

Who doesn't love to watch dancing flames under the starry night sky? Fire makes everything so warm and cozy

Open night sky
When she is bored, she will try to create figures by connecting stars

Live music
Chills through the body, no matter what genre

She just can't keep her eyes off them. They're way too fascinating. How does all this stuff even work man.

Rain and thunder
Doesn’t mean she doesn’t like sunny weather. Rain just reminds her of her original country; Scotland

Sound of other’s heartbeat
I'm not eve going to explain this. Everyone knows how nice it sounds.

✖ S k i l l s ✖

Technical work | Problem-solving | Observing

Technical work
Good with machines such as motorcycles, cars, chainsaws, etc.

Either with machines or with people. People are more complicated though…

Observing of persons and or things and trying to understand how they work

✖ H i s t o r y ✖

In the morning and midday, her hands were covered with paint, glue and shredded paper. Her clothes with colorful stains. At night the bright and happy colors would be replaced with oil stains and dirt. The sounds of students exchanging words turned into the soft rumbles of machines and the clanking sounds of metal parts.

Please all meet Exylver Lynn. Straight A student graphic design at the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design in the daylight, and a hard working mechanic at Aengus’s Repair and Maintenance when the moon and stars divide themselves all over the pitch black sky. Paint, fix, eat, sleep and repeat. Until after her graduation, this was her daily routine. That’s when her dad forced her into taking a vacation. He plainly put packed her suitcase, stuffed some money into her hands and put her on a boat. A 6 month long cruise it would’ve been. From Scottland though Europe, passing Africa and onto Asia and Australia, then all the way back via America. She sat the first four months out on the deck, staring at the land from afar. She would make sketches of places she saw every now and then. If the ship would finally moor, she would run off the ship to explore the land.

Midorijima was one of the few places in Asia the ship moored. As Exylver explored the other places, so she wanted to travel around this island as well for the time being. She hired a Motorbike and drove around for a day or two, spending her nights in Motels and bars. The longer she stayed, the more she liked it. No place had been as much fun as Midorijima. Discovering the odd little animals, carried around by humans, was her best discovery up till then. As a mechanic and artist both, AllMates fascinated her. Not only in their designs, but also their complicated mechanisms. She had never seen anything like that back in Scotland.

The clock kept ticking and it was time for Exylver to leave the island. She hadn’t even seen half of the island, but was driving back to the shore anyways. Her ship would be departing in a few hours, and it looked like she would make it all in time. Just then, the motor started overheating cause to driving at high speed on long terms. The presence of engine oil reduced much of the friction and effects of heat. But the engine oil had a temperature range beyond which failed and would no longer provide lubrication to internal components of the engine. With other words, the motorcycle just stopped working and Exylver missed her ship. Of course the girl panicked, she was stuck on a unknown island all alone. She pushed the motorcycle all the way back to the garage she got it, and asked for some tools to fix it. At first the chief doubted her. He didn’t want her to touch the engine of the bike, but when Exylver refused to pay him if he wouldn’t let her check it out. Poorly mixed oil, wrong carburetor settings and a blocked air filter. The garage had simply leased her a rotten motorcycle. Exylver claimed to have missed her ship cause of this and demanded the chief to give her a place to stay till the next ship home would arrive. After a long debate, they got to an agreement. He would get her a temporarily apartment, if she would work at the shop. And so it all started.

Time passed and Exylver started to slowly blend in to this foreign society. She learned the language, their habits and culture. Her chief was happy with her performances on the work floor. She was doing surprisingly well on that ‘unknown island’ called Midorijama. A few days before her ship would arrive, the chief took her to a store. Not just a store, and AllMate store. He offered her to stay and work at his garage. In exchange he would help her built up a life on the island. He would buy her an Allmate to help her with her work, and explore the city with in the weekends. He introduced her to GO-GRAB, RHYME, Coils, etc.

Exylver is currently working at the garage and getting clue of how everything on the island works. She’s still new or not used to certain things but makes her way around pretty well. She has managed to speak Japanese on a normal level, though she still has a terrible accent.

✖ E d u c a t i o n ✖

▶ Trade: Graphic design | College:Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design

✖ P r o f e s s i o n ✖

Original: Graphic designer | Current: Mechanic ◀

✖ Q u i r k s ✖

Cracking wrists and neck
Biting lip and inner cheek
High pitched sneeze
Drools when sleeping
Can write with both hands
Drags her feet a lot
Can’t stay clean from dirt, food, blood etc.

Scottish accent in English
Raw sounding Japanese
Regularly mispronounces a certain words in Japanese
Makes noises like “pow!” or “whap!” while doing everyday things
Calls people pet-names
In conversation, if a word has slipped her mind, she will stop to think of it and will not give up until she finally recalls the right word
Laughs to herself at intervals, for no apparent reason
Talks to herself and objects
Interrupts when others are talking
Answers difficult questions with questions
Swears at the least opportunity

Thinks Friday the 13th is her luck day
Believes in fortune-telling
Believes animals can talk to each other
Has a lucky-bra
Believes mythological creatures do exist somewhere
There’s no such thing as coincidence

Likes garlic and puts it in everything edible
Chews gum 24/7
Looks for worms in all fruit and vegetables
Needs sound in the background to fall asleep
Pulls disgusted faces at people wearing only pink
Always carries a basic service equipment (wrench, screwdriver, etc.)
Can’t stand to wear ‘frilly’ clothing.
Grabs onto every unconventional weapon she can get when feeling unsafe (Fryingpan, lamps, chairs etc.)
Twitches mouth when confused
Makes a list of people she strangles in her daydreams
Always late to any meeting or appointment
Draws an octopus on every machine she fixes
Refuses to let anyone walk behind her if possible

Collects strange random objects and paints black
Watching people in crowded places
Sticking googly eyes to objects
Following random people secretly
Judging booty
Think up backstories of strangers connected to their allmates

Fast metabolism
Allergic to bunnies

✖ J u k e B o x ✖

Ass Crack Bandit - Community
Shake your Bootiya - Finding Fanny
how to Pronounce Da Booty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Another Love - Tom Odell
Ships in the Night - Mat Kearney
Holding on (Hermitude Remix) - Flume
The Humbling River - Puscifer
Call It What You Want - Foster The People
The Devil Within - Digital Daggers
I'm Shipping Up To Boston - Drokick Murphys
Drunken Lullabies - Flogging Molly
Do you take it?

✖ R e l a t i o n s h i p s ✖

A clingy octopus following her around everywhere she goes. She got the creature form her chief to blend in with the local teens more. Citybell helps her out either working at the garage or guiding her way through the busy streets. Exylver likes to take care of her AllMate by keeping her clean and updated.

Chief Hirasi
He took her in after her immense ranting about why he leased her a crappy motorcycle and missed her ship. Chief provides her work and a small apartment. Due good presentations on the work floor he introduced her to her AllMate Citybell and RHYME in order to let her stay on the island to work for him. Chief Hirasi is like a candy-grandpa to her.

Aengus Lyne
Aengus is Exylver's father and former employer. She does love him a lot despite her stay in Midorijima. She keeps in contact via text messages and skype to keep herself up to date about happenings back home.

✖ R o l e p l a y I n f o ✖

Style: Prefers short paragraph | Media: Comments, notes, chatroom, skype | Time: European nights ◀

RP sample
Without a sign, their booth hinted at their trade only by the shelves of stock motor- and car parts that crowded the walls. It was squeezed into a shady cove between a used electronics dealer and a silk merchant, both whom frequently complained to her chief about the tangy smell of metal and grease that came from their booth, even though it was usually disguised by the aroma of honey buns from the bakery across the street. Exylver knew they just didn’t like being next to them.

A stained tablecloth divided Exylver from the browsers as they shuffled past. The street was filled with shoppers and hawkers, children and noise. The bellows of men as they bargained with stubborn shopkeepers, trying to talk them down from their desired profit margins. The hum of ID scanners as money changed accounts. The netscreens and billboards that covered every building and filled the air with the chatter of advertisements, news reports and gossip. Women dressed in the latest fashion passed her shop. From time to time one would peek in, pulling off a disgusted face at the smell, combined with the sight of a dirty girl leaning against a fairly big box filled with discarded car parts. “It’s not like wires are going to kill ya, for fucks sake Jesus,” Exylver muttered to her empty booth.

With a spine-popping stretch, she pulled her dirty fingers through her hair, combing it into a messy tail, then grabbed her blackened work gloves. She covered her hands, and though her palms began to sweat immediately inside the thick material, she felt more comfortable with the gloves on. She stretched her fingers wide, working out the cramp that had formed at the fleshy base of her thumb from clenching the screwdriver, and squinted looking at the packed streets. She spotted plenty of men, but none of them was chief Hirasi. He should’ve been long back by now, knowing he only went to pick up some engine parts and wires from a shop in the neighbor district.

Sighing, Exylver bent over the toolbox beneath the worktable. After digging through the jumbled mess of screwdrivers and wrenches, she emerged with the fuse puller that had been long buried at the bottom. One by one, she disconnected the wires that still linked to the engine of the electric car she had been working on since this morning, each spurting a tiny spark.

Exylver © IdiotTwins

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