Snapshots into my Inkworld Picture

note: This is a DIGITAL PHOTO of my painting. The real thing is too big for me to scan & I'm not super-rich so I can't take it to Kinko's or a place like that... so I guess you could say it doesn't give the painting due justice. (the flash on my camera screwed up and made the painting look washed-out or fuzzy-white-ish...)

I know, it's far from professional. But then again, so am I.

It was an assignment in my Painting class. You had to make a collage of (some of) your favorite things. Mine are:


1.) ferret = Kalika Murray, my furry/anthro charrie (represents me) ^^
2.) pine trees = I love forests!
3.) mountains = Ditto for the Rockies.
4.) mountains + rising sun = represents the crest of Alleble (from the Door Within Trilogy --> aka some of the best books EVER!)
5.) goldenish yellow thing that looks like a tiki hut = the "Pineapple House" --> a pineapple-shaped monument in Scotland made by one of my ancestors (John Murray)
6.) weird greenish blue blur = the Northern Lights tipped sideways
7.) softballs (in the sky) = I love softball. And they're in the shape of Casseopeia, my favorite constellation.
8.) moon = volleyball
9.) book edge/pages = I love to read and write fiction. But it's specifically meant to represent the book Inkheart. (if you've read the book you get why)
10.) weird spaceship thing in the sky = the ship Serenity, from "Firefly" --> the best scifi show ever!!
11.) "KU" = my initials
12.) dragon = I love mythological creatures, and this specific dragon is Khura, a character from one of my stories.
13.) shooting star = has a cross in the middle. represents my faith in Jesus Christ. <3


and keep in mind that I ran out of paint partway through... so I had to mix paints in some INTERESTING ways to finish it... hence the green shoes?
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