Pavoroc Picture

Height: 70 meters
Length: 100 meters (200 with train)
Wingspan: 150 meters
Mass: 20,000 tons

Avian weaponry: Pavoroc has all the standard weaponry of a bird of prey, and then some. The most obvious of these is his large, hatchet-like beak. While formidable, it’s not his primary melee weapon. That would be his immensely powerful talons, which are capable of piercing even the toughest hides. He also has a sharp spur on the back of each leg, just above the rear toe.

Bladestorm: Pavoroc vigorously flaps his wings, whipping up hurricane winds. Not only are these winds strong enough to topple light- to middleweight monsters, but they contain invisible energy blades which slice the foe a couple times per second.

Rainbow Ray: A large, intensely hot, multicolored beam fired from his chest. By expending a large amount of energy, he can fire this from his entire body as a finisher attack.

Wing Bolts: Pavoroc can fire numerous lightning-like bolts of energy from his wings. Individually, these are rather weak, but the numbers make up for it. Especially useful for attacking large numbers of weak opponents.

Rainbow Barrage: Pavoroc spreads and raises his train and launches a barrage of explosive energy spheres of varying colors from the “eyes” on his tail feathers. He must be on the ground to use this.

Phoenix Destruction: Pavoroc’s entire body glows with rainbow-colored energy, and he slams into his foe at full speed. All of the energy is released on impact, resulting in a gigantic explosion capable of leveling the terrain for a several mile radius. The attack leaves him completely drained and more often than not injured, so as one would guess it’s used only as an absolute last resort.

Flight: Pavoroc can fly at up to mach 3.

Eagle Eyes: As one would expect, Pavoroc has incredible vision. This keen eyesight extends into the infrared and ultraviolet bands, as well. He can also choose to “switch off” receptors for given parts of the spectrum, so that he only sees in a desired spectrum. So, for example, he could choose to see only infrared light at night.

Energy capture/redirection: When an energy attack strikes Pavoroc’s feathers, it scatters and swirls around his body, at which point he can either disperse it or condense it into a beam and send it back at the foe. Multiple beams can be captured and then combined before being sent back.

Dazzle: Pavoroc spreads his wings and train, unleashing a dazzling flash of numerous colors to blind the foe.

Pavoroc is an ancient guardian monster which periodically awakens to combat evil monsters. These appearances have led to the numerous giant birds present in mythology across the world, from the Roc and Phoenix (and their numerous regional variations) from all over Asia, to the Garuda of India, to the Thunderbird of North America, and even the various feathered serpents of Central and South America. His battles are reflected in some of these myths, particularly those of Garuda and the Thunderbirds.

Ophion and Pavoroc are “brothers.” Where Ophion, in keeping with his reptilian nature, takes his job of fighting evil as just that, a job, Pavoroc is much more... enthusiastic about it. He has a seething hatred for all things evil and takes great pleasure in destroying them. Despite this, he enjoys nothing more than fighting a strong opponent. His mastery of the skies (and thus, lack of worthy opponents to challenge him in a dogfight) has given him a rather inflated ego, almost to the point of being cocky. He preens his feathers meticulously, even doing so in battle during lulls in the action. The quickest way to anger him is to damage his plumage.

As for his place in the Infernoverse, he’ll awaken to fight the Four Horsemen (specifically Death. Suchodon will fight Conquest, Orion will fight War, and Ophion will fight Famine) late in the story, though I have yet to work out exactly why the Horsemen will randomly appear.

Creative History
Pavoroc was created about 6 months ago out of a need to give my roster another truly good kaiju, since the vast majority up to that point were neutral and essentially act like overgrown animals. I’d been toying with the idea of a hawk kaiju for some time before that, since my roster also lacked a dedicated flyer. Then one day I was watching some show on Discovery Channel where some people were capturing feral peacocks down in Miami. A lightbulb went off in my head and I thought how hilariously badass an eagle-peacock kaiju would be. And thus Pavoroc was born. His name comes from Pavo, the genus name for peafowl, and the Roc, the legendary giant eagle. Shortly after I created him, I began using him at
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