Haruhi And Loki- Uninvited Guest Picture

Well I've outdone myself in terms of sucking when it comes to drawing. But uh... I wanted to experiment in drawing Loki and u know what? I've drawn him worse before. Haruhi turned out good but that's because she's my OC. Well this isn't a pairing (depending on how you see it though) it's more of a reluctant friendship if i had to pair her with someone. I'll probably pair Haruhi-chan with another person from another show, I just gotta think. That is of course if any on you have any ideas. I'm thinking of writing a fic about this though.

Here's How A-chan See's It:
You see in my head it goes like this, Loki's looking for a place to hide at while the Avengers are on his behind as they look for him and he finds the right saint (sucker) to let him stay at a place, Haruhi Noritaka. At first she finds him as an intimidating stranger but she just doesn't have the heart to turn him away so she welcomes him into her home even though she suspects that his intentions aren't as good as she thinks they are. He's a bit condescending and openly rude to her because of her size and timidity; speaking of which her being tiny only makes him feel bigger and mightier (LOL remember the Hulk?) Aww man! Spoiler alert sorry!

However what he fancies is that he can get away with things because of her being hospitable and respectful though... he's quite satisfied with the amount of respect she gives him; kind of like a maid or servant. In this picture since she's so tiny compared to him he can simply lift her up and you can see that her feet aren't even on the ground. She's still scared of him though but apparently she's willing to please him and win him over with her generosity but... it's wise he not be TOO rude to her... Her naivety doesn't entirely help but she's also willing to even befriend him, a friend is something Loki dearly needs and we all know that. She's a gentle soul and he's a cold-hearted tyrant, but maybe just maybe she can kill him with kindness (but in a good way), after all he's glad that she doesn't really argue with him and that she's 'easy', not just to boss around but to talk to too.

The girl on the left yelling is her older sister Reina, you think she'd be mad at Loki for harassing her little sis but she's only mad at him for eating her food and treating her like a brat; he pretty much gives Reina hell and he'd threaten her because she's very mouthy and disrespectful. Now that I mention that Loki doesn't look right with the way he's carrying poor demure Haruhi... but like I said it's merely a friendship.

Loki: You're quite small for my liking but you'll have to do.
Haruhi: (whimpers quietly)
Loki: Now am I welcome in your mediocre home?
Haruhi: Y-Yes... of course. Please make yourself at home... (Help me...)
Loki: Your hair is lovely though. (Pulls a strand)
Reina: Hey yo! Quit eating my freaking chips already, asshole!

This could either be a good thing or bad thing depending on how you see it, if you're a fangirl you're probably jealous but if you're not you're probably thinking "Poor girl..." or "Get your filthy paws away from her!" To me... this is both a good AND a bad thing.

Well like I also said I'm thinking of pairing her up with another character from another anime/show of sorts. If you have any suggestions feel free to tell me.

Marvel (and Norse mythology) owns Thor and Loki.
I only own Haruhi Noritaka.

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