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Glamor Name: Nadya Tessla (real name: Lorelai McNally)

Age: 20

Monster type/species: Bean-Si (Banshee of Celtic Mythology)

Grade: Freshman
Glamor item: Her "Midnight Gem" Choker

Favorite class: History

Worst class: Monster PE

Current Classes: N/A

Passed Classes: N/a

Current Points: N/a

Natural weapons: Her fists of fury!! and her voice

Trained weapons: A broken blade, found on a long forgotten battle field

Weakness: Physical Weakness- She is not strong at all, and has trouble doing any athletic activity.
Stamina: She tires easily (especially during the day.
Speed: Her pace is always slow, her fastest speed would be a brisk walk, anything more and she becomes drained
Light magic-- (it burnses her) As a dark creature, light magic is extremely harmful and draining
Iron- descending from fairy folk, she is greatly damaged by iron (burns at the touch)
Direct sunlight- As a creature of the night, the rays of sunlight drain her of energy, and if she stays in the light for too long it can burn her
Migraines- Being constantly barraged with light from her aura reading ability causes her to have near constant migranes (which is why she prefers being alone/ with small groups of people)

Major Skills: Sonic Screeching: As a banshee it comes naturally (though mostly from rage, her voice is a weapon, used to ward off those who wish her harm) It can cause minor hearing loss to those in close range, though it wears off in a few minutes of time
Intangible: She can walk through walls (though she cannot quite control it yet)
Lunar Energy Absorption: Due to banshees being nocturnal creatures, she can draw energy from the moon, this drawing of energy isn't tremendous, but gives her a little bit more energy during nighttime than day, and she mainly uses it to guide her through the night

Minor Skills: Elevated Intelligence: She has always found that she learns most things rather quickly
Levitating: She can float~~ (sometimes, though it takes a lot of focus, and even then only a couple of inches off of the ground)
Aura Reading: due to the Bean-si's seemingly inherent knowledge over life and death she can see a soft glow around a person, showing that they are alive (she has not practiced with it much)

Personality: She is slow to trust people (though she will has been able to trust before, it merely takes hard work to crack her hard shell) and wants people to think she is a pessimist (though in actuality she is a fighter at heart) She is a determined student, and an avid reader, with a dream of becoming a writer.

Character's Background: Nadya was born outside a small village in Ireland to a Banshee woman. She grew up in the forest, taught by her mother, and kept well away from people. Her mother would sit with her, and on nights when she grew restless, and would talk of leaving to the human villages, her mother would sing to her in hopes of soothing her. One night, her curiosity got the better of her, and despite her mothers warnings she ventured to the human village nearby. The poeple of the village were very superstitious and upon seeing a banshee (a messenger of death) they fled from her, the brave staying to ward her off. Distraught by the reaction of the humans, and ashamed of ignoring her mothers words, she fled into the forest, afraid of the punishment she believed she would face. She would wander from then on, often overcome with despair, she would sing to herself, like her mother would sing to her, though it never worked quite the same. In her wandering, she came across an old battlefield of some long forgotten war, and nearly covered by the tall grass, she found a broken sword. She kept the sword, taking it with her, as she continued through the countryside of Ireland. On one of her excursions near a small village, she came across an old man, when the others in his company ran from her, he stayed, saying that he did not fear her song. The man saw the sword by her side, and after talking with her for some time, he offered to teach her to use it, and she tentatively agreed. The man taught her to use a sword, and taking to her kindly, he taught her to read, giving her another escape from the darkness she found around her. Though her near joy was short lived, as the man died not too long after she turned sixteen. Turning to the side of sorrow once again she quietly left the village (of course bringing joy to the people) and she wandered once again, sometimes stopping at other villages, in hopes of finding others like the kind man, though none came to her, and she grew hardened once again. After a few months (or years, she didn't really care as time passed her by) she heard of a place that was made for monsters... a school where monsters could find a place in the world, and learn to live alongside humans... The Monster Academy. She was determined to find this place, and so she set out, with a renewed purpose, and hope in her song.

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,Nadya: she walks through the library, looking for her favorite book where was it...
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