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Lumabet | Kurt Rojas

The word “Lumabet”, is the name of the God of the sky in Bagobo mythology who has lived for ninety seasons. When Lumabet was born, he could talk even if he was just one day old. The people believe that he was sent by Manama (the Supreme Being). When he was a young man, he had a fine dog that guides him in hunting the white deer. Every time he goes hunting, he had only one banana and camote with him for food. When night came, he planted the skin of the bananas and camote, so that in the morning he had ripe bananas and camotes to eat. Lumabet and his companions followed the direction of the white deer until they caught it after they had gone around the world nine times. Lumabet was so old when they caught the deer. One day, Lumabet invited the people to see him and told his people to kill his father. The people obeyed his command, and then Lumabet took off his headband and waved it over the dead and he at once was alive again. He did this over and over again until the eighth time his father was small like a baby boy. Everyone now believes Lumabet was like a God. One morning diwata Tigyama and other spirits came and talked to Lumabet. He then invited his people to come over his small house, everyone entered and by surprise there was plenty of room for them and then he told everyone that all who believed that he was powerful could go with him but all who wouldn’t come will turn into animals and buso. Lumabet together with his people went to the place where the earth and the sky meet like how a man opening and closing his jaw. Lumabet commanded the sky to move up and let them pass, but the sky refused to obey. At last, Lumabet promised the sky that if he let others go through, he might try to catch the last to pass. Agreeing to this, the sky opened and people entered. But when near the last the sky shut down so suddenly and caught not only the man, but also the bolo of the next to the last man. On the same day, Lumabet’s son was hunting and didn’t know his father had gone to the sky. He was so tired of chase he wanted to go to his father, so he leaned an arrow against the century old baliti tree and sat down on it. Slowly it went down and carried him to his father’s town but could find no people. Sorrowful son of Lumabet didn’t know what to do until white bees came to him and said: “You must not cry, for we can take you to the sky where your father is.” And the bees flew away with him until they reached the sky. Although everyone who followed Lumabet lived in full contentment in the sky, there was one who was very unhappy and kept on looking at down on the land below. He always begged to be allowed to go back home. Finally Manama told the spirits to allow him to go, so they made a chain made of the leaves of the karan grass and tied it to his legs. They let him down slowly upside down and as he reached the ground he was no longer a man but an owl.

*Possible critical symbolism used:

- All Seeing Eye - As Manama’s omniscient through Lumabet

- Triangle - Male, Mountain, Up, Father

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