3D High: Kerberos (Human-supremacists) Picture

EDIT (08/08/2012): Middle dog's mouth widened, eyes narrowed, neck added, and backing triangle removed.

Created for use as part of a work-in-progress anime/manga universe: 3D High.

Takes place in a universe where mythical creatures are real and deadly threats to life and limb, and there are multiple dimensions populated by other sentient beings aside from humanity.

Our dimension has endured the devastating consequences of being suddenly connected to other dimensions, destabilization of the fabric of reality across the world, killing billions, and rendering large swaths of land unsafe for human habitation to this day.


Following the end of the conflict known to humanity as "The First Contact Conflict" (2016-2019), the extra-dimensional Erdasian and Jodojin races ceased hostilities against mankind, and ratified a peace treaty. While most humans were glad to have stopped one source of unrest that plagued the early years of "The Aftermath" period (2015-2025) not all humans were so accepting of the peace, as the skirmishes worsened the already monumental suffering and hardship experienced by humanity in the wake of the 2015 Rift Crisis. Where the hardship was worst, anti-UN and xenophobic unrest sprung up, sowing more chaos, suffering and giving birth to dozens of extremist groups during the time period.

Upon the re-establishment of stable governance in 2030, most of these organizations had fallen out of power, except for a handful of xenophobic organizations that opposed peaceful relations with the other dimensions.

The most powerful of these groups is known as Kerberos; named after the multiheaded hound that guarded the Gates to the Underworld in Greek mythology, protecting mortals from the horrors that lurked within.

Their leadership is secret, their support is shadowy but persistent and their influence is frighteningly ominous. The only thing certain about them are their goals: they pursue the advancement of humanity in every field, working towards the final goal of one day destroying or subjugating the peoples of all other dimensions, at any cost.

The United Nations Federation considers them a terrorist organization, and one of the greatest threats to inter-dimensional peace that exist today.


Organization Type: De-centralized, inter-dimensional, covert-ops human-supremacist terrorist group
-- Organization Head: Unknown. Suspected to be among the economic and political elite of human society.
Founding: Unknown
Strengths: Ideology has broad appeal to humans who are suspicious of the other races, as well as humans who have lost loved ones to fighting during the First Contact Conflict. This garners the group anonymous but numerous supporters amoung those disatisfied with the Federation and the peace with the other races.
--Political: Kerberos is thought to wield a frightening amount of influence in some of the Regional Assemblies and nominal influence in Global Parliament by blackmail, career assasination and providing financial backing to members that support their views. Civilian and military investigators screen election candidates and periodically screen sitting members of the UN and national governments to mitigate Kerberos influence.
-- Military: Unknown. Most Kerberos bases in UN territory have been exposed and destroyed. It is suspected that Kerberos has facilities in the outer regions of the Rift Zones, or in rural areas in the other dimensions.
- Economic: Estimated in billions of dollars per year; from anonymous donors, controlling stakes in private enterprise, investment, and from numerous suspected shell companies around the world/in other dimensions (5 have been exposed and shut down in the last 7 years by Federation authorities).
Recent activity: Kerberos has not claimed responsibility for any major incidents or attacks in recent times. They typically act through other like-minded extremist groups.

Notable crimes (perpetrated by either Kerberos or one of its allies):

- The 2056 Portal Hub Raids: Approximately 2,000 civilian casualties were reported, and all travel and trade through the portals was temporarily locked down. Security forces repelled or killed most of the attackers. Surviving Kerberos operatives took their own lives or died in captivity due to suicide implants.

- Other alleged crimes include:
--- An attempted break-in at a Department of Statistics and Cyber-security facility in Australia.
--- Assassination attempt on Secretary-General Kjartan Ingstad (predecessor of Ricardo de los Santos).
--- Attempted assasination of Araian Chief Emissary, Miriel Nelmirthar.
--- Successful assasination of a Regional Assembly Presidential candidate, Şule Usmanbaş.
--- Synchronized raids on several UNDF installations.
--- Failed raid on a Department of Defence Research Lab (Scientists kept safe, but some defence-technology was stolen).
--- Defence industry espionage against Federation-backed firms.
--- Failed bombing of a Ryushin embassy in North America.
--- Numerous kidnappings of influential individuals or their loved ones.
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