A9. Blues Bros Picture

Consider this to be my tribute to the city of Chicago~ >w>

THOR AND LOKI ARE BEING DORKS AGAIN LOLOL xD;;;;; augh but I love 'em for it haha

After my family and I got back from our quick vacation in Chicago, we rented and watched "The Blues Brothers" 'cause we had all seen portions of it on TV before but had never actually watched the entire thing... xD (for those of you who aren't familiar with that movie, it takes place in Chicago~)

Needless to say I was feeling quite inspired after watching the movie and had an irresistible urge to draw Thor and Loki wearing suits like the two main characters in the film, aaaand this is what became of that. xD LOL

But oh man, I was listening to perhaps the most diverse assortment of music ever during the process of drawing this, some of which were Lady Gaga songs like "Bad Romance" and "Telephone". :I As a result I will never be able to look at these two characters the same way again.... oTL ... "YOU AND ME COULD WRITE A RAD BROMANCE" okay yeah I'm done |D

character designs (c) me, yadda yadda
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