Asian Monsters part 1 Picture

Ittan Momen: Ittan Momen is an animate roll of cotton that originated from Japanese mythology, it often attacks people by wrapping them around with their bodies.

Kasa obake: Kasa obake is an animate parasol that also originated from Japanese mythology, it is often described to have a single eye, and one single foot. It also has a long tongue that will often stick out of it's mouth. Kasa-obakes are more playful than harmful, and will often often pull pranks on other people. Just like the Ittan Momen, they are a type of ghost called Tsukumogami, which are spirits that posses artifacts when they reach their 100th birthday.

Kappa: Kappas are mischievous water goblins that live in the ponds and lakes of Japan, they appear as anthropomorphic turtles with a tortoise beak and webbed feet and hands, they have scaly skin that can be green, yellow, or sometimes blue. They also have a bowl like hole on the top of their head which stores water, it needs water in that depression in order to get energy and to survive. Their pranks ranged from being innocent to malovent, their innocent pranks included passing gas and looking up women's kimonos, while their more malovent pranks included drowning people and animals, kidnapping and eating children, raping women, and pulling their victims tongues out through the anus to turn them inside out. Despite committing these pranks, Kappas can be friendly to humans if you give them gifts. For example, it was believed that the only thing that Kappas liked to eat more than children was cucumbers. One well known weakness of this creature is by making the water in it's head spill out, to do that, you must bow down, it will do the same, and it will cause all of the water to spill out, it then can not move until new water is placed into the depression, if left alone, the Kappa will lose it's power and will die. But if the depression is filled with water, the kappa will be forced to work for you for all eternity.

Oni: Oni is a fearsome ogre that originated from Japanese mythology, they are very popular in Japanese myth. They are often depicted to have sharp claws, wild hair, long horns, or sometimes an odd number of eyes or extra digits. Their skin can range in colors, but red, green and blue onis seem to be the most common. They also wear tiger skin loincloths and carries an iron club. Some onis are believed to come from hell, and walk on earth to suck the souls out of humans, while other onis come from earth and cause destruction and natural disasters.

Tengu: Tengu is a legendary creature from Japanese mythology, it is often described to have traits of a human, and the traits of a bird, the earliest Tengus were described to have beaks, but now they are depicted to have a long nose, which is more common when referring to a Tengu. Buddhism once held that they were distractive and malicious. But their image softened in later years, they were then depicted as protective but dangerous spirits of mountains and forests.

Aka Manto: Aka Manto is a Japanese urban legend that relates to a malicious spirit that haunts public school bathrooms. People that take the last stall in the bathroom were believed to hear a strange voice that asks them if they want red toilet paper or blue toilet paper, if they choose red, they will get stabbed repeatedly until their blood gets all over their clothes. If they chose blue, they'd be strangled until their faces turned blue. If they asked for a colored toilet roll other than red or blue, they'd be sent to the netherworlds. So the only way to avoid getting attacked is to say that you don't want any toilet paper.
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