Professor Shinji Yoma Picture

Name: Shinji Yoma
Height: 5’7
Weight: 135
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Species: K.C.E.L.L. (human)
Ethnicity: Japanese (Okinawan descent)
Profession: History Professor and Journalist
Notable Attributes: Intelligence, Reflexes, Strategy
Hobbies: Writing, Investigating Bizarre Locations, Iaido
Preferred Weapon: Switch Blade, Wakizashi, Hand Gun, Unorthodox Sharp Pointy Objects
*Affiliated Kaiju: Shimaku
*Mark: Fanged Skull
Alias: Prof. Yoma, Shinji-ni, ‘Mr. Vampire’, The Reaper, ‘That Creepy Guy….’

Professor Shinji Yoma is a man very familiar with death. His family had been in charge of a funeral home and cemetery for many years and initially Shinji would have inherited the occupation himself. He was introverted and solitary as a child, wandering the graves and reading the various tomb inscriptions. He developed a fascination for finding out the history of the various bodies and urns interred there, often pestering his parents for details. His relatives to this day refer to him as being rather ‘macabre’ as youth as he seemed to enjoy walking among the graves more than play with other children. Shinji was suffered a great tragedy when the funeral home caught fire and his parents were engulfed in the blaze while he was at school. Shinji’s uncle took the boy in as the remaining members of the family sold the cemetery and the property for the funeral home to a private company. They wanted to wash their hands of the supernatural place entirely. Shinji was deprived of his much desired isolation and his introverted behavior gradually changed into passive-aggressive anger at everything. His scathing tongue made him intolerable to the other children who occasionally singled him out for a beating…they learned to leave him alone after they started getting pens jammed in their sides. His uncle, fearing Shinji would turn into a delinquent, introduced Iaido to the boy as a form of self discipline and stress relief. Thankfully the gesture worked and Shinji’s anger gradually dissipated…but the isolationist tendencies still remained.

Years later, Shinji had graduated with a master’s degree in history and Japanese culture. He had been instantly attracted to the field and eventually started seeking out information of ancient history from all over. He took to writing his travels and research down to the point where he eventually was offered a job as a professor at a local university. Occasionally he would take a sabbatical to travel in order to look for new places where history had buried itself. On one such investigation, he went with a group to investigate a cave complex in his old homeland of Okinawa that just days earlier had not been there before. After several hours investigating the complex, a sudden tremor caused the entrance to collapse. Trapped inside, the crew tried calling every emergency number they knew but their cell phones seemed to be trapped on some bizarre frequency that negated all attempts to phone out. Shinji was the worst off, having gotten a large slab toppled onto his leg. Becoming increasingly paranoid, the group started to panic as a deep chill began to flow throughout the darkened cavern. Becoming bitter and angry over the now frigid and damp conditions, half the group decided to venture deeper into the caves in search of a way out…they got no more than 20 ft. before they suddenly disappeared into the gloom. The others hesitantly searched for them, with the exception of Shinji who sat on a rock shelf observing the situation with a mix of curiosity and apprehension. The phenomenon in the cave was bewildering yet Shinji was intrigued that he was witnessing history unfold first hand. Unable to help with a broken leg, Shinji stayed quietly and waited. Not five minutes later there were screams and the sound of running before something MASSIVE shattered a wall and caused the cavern to quake. The chill had increased tenfold but it wasn’t the frost forming kind…it was something deeper and more eldritch than simple ice crystals. The team leader came back into to view, screaming for help before a massive shape snuffed out her light in more ways than one.

Shinji soon found himself caught in the pale, luminescent gaze of Shimaku the Death Coil. Having been disturbed by kaiju activity in the area, the deadly gargantuan serpent had journeyed back to Okinawa to keep tabs on the area for increased kaiju activity. What it got instead was nosey archeologists and history buffs investigating its perpetually summoned dwelling of choice. The Catacombs of Death were never meant to house anything but the Death Coil and Shimaku had taken exception to having his briefly revealed sanctuary intruded upon. Shinji sensed something oddly familiar in the giant snake and adamantly crawled directly up to it with his arms out; almost as if asking it to devour him. Shimaku in turn was again reminded of the defiant bravery of man but was bit taken aback by the token gesture of acceptance. Unlike so many other humans it had encountered, this one did only not fear death but actually welcomed it. Not in a suicidal fashion but more as if the pitiful mortal had a deeper understanding of what Shimaku really was…this intrigued the Death Coil. It had been asleep for quite some time and the world had changed many times over since it had last actively been on the surface. Shimaku sent a silent missive to Gaia and was given an option…a soul link. It knew of the practice but never felt the need or desire to acquire such a thing from creatures it considered a threat to the planet’s well being at worst and mildly entertaining yet somewhat unnecessary prey at best…until now. A flood of images blistered their way through Shinji’s mind and he was barely able to stay conscious as the giant snake used its memories to visually explain exactly what it was. Flicking its tongue out, Shimaku tagged Shinji with its necrotic energy and effectively transferred a part of its essence unto him, a fanged skull pigmenting his skin on a genetic level at the back of the neck. Shinji then fell unconscious as the then unknown process of becoming a KCELL worked itself upon the man. Its work finished for the moment, Shimaku turned back into the recesses of the Catacombs of Death but not before skewering the cave in it had caused and bursting it loose.

Shinji would wake up days later in a hospital, a modest flower arrangement from his students waiting for him with wishes for ‘Vampire Sensei’ to get better. The rescue crews had finally arrived and whisked Shinji away from the cave that had suddenly become a lot smaller than initially reported. That wouldn’t be the end of Shinji’s troubles however, as Shimaku wasn’t the only thing ready to leave its earthy confines and his body seemed to be mending a lot faster than expected…

Shinji could be best described as a loner, not wanting to the immediate center of attention though not exactly shirking the responsibility if required of him. His years of research indoors have left him with a pale complexion and his solitary habits have given him the humorous nickname of ‘Mr. Vampire’ among his students and fellow faculty. He is known to be slow to anger but particularly vengeful and almost cruel when roused. He is rightfully feared and respected for his classroom discipline which takes the form of either complete dismissal in his class or vindictive counter pranks that come days later. He comes off as very guarded and doesn’t open himself up to people he’s just met. Shinji is an avid reader and he can commonly be found with his nose in a small notebook or two he carries everywhere; usually hidden in his large rain coat. Growing up in formal environments for most of his life, Shinji favors dark, natural colors. He finds outlandish colors like orange or yellow incredibly irritating. Being from a family that was in the funeral business, he favors black. Shinji is lean and lanky in build, decently muscled but not overtly so and a far cry from sculpted. He is near sighted and requires glasses to read and drive. Shinji has a tendency to speak somewhat overly formal to the point where some native Japanese wonder if he’s actually a foreigner until he relaxes a bit. He speaks fairly decent English but his social understanding is even worse in English then it is in Japanese. Being that he travels quite a bit, he has a smattering of knowledge from all over the place but is especially knowledgeable about world history and mythology. Shinji has an unnerving habit of coming up behind people while being completely silent, waiting for them to notice him rather than announcing himself. He occasionally startles the other faculty this way.

KCELL Abilities:
Shinji’s basic abilities as a KCELL are much like other individuals who have the link. Increased strength, speed, endurance and agility as well as a latently moderate healing factor are all a part of the general perks. With Shinji in particular, his reflexes are so fine tuned that he has almost a clairvoyant ability to detect danger using all other senses but his sight as in his basic human form he is still near sighted. He feels vibrations in the ground and for some reason can smell a hundred times better with his tongue than he can with his nose. Shinji also has the ability to give off a short range necrotic chill that causes things he touches to wither and die to a limited extent. A rose for example may take maybe 3 seconds while a something like a cow would take a full minute. The greatest advantage to this ability at this stage is that it doesn’t have instantaneously dangerous results and can be used for intimidation and at will. Thus, Shinji has to actively think about it to use it. Targets usually become paralyzed and unconscious long before actual death at this stage.

Shinji’s KCELL, once he learned to utilize it completely and with restraint, differs greatly depending on whether it is the half state or full state. The half state is only a gradual transformation that causes Shinji’s eyes to become blue with large irises and his skull structure to become more pronounced and lined with armored scales. The forearms and forelegs become lined with retractable spines and serve as deadly close combat weapons. Hair recedes and Shinji becomes bald and the tongue begins to split which leads to a speech pattern where the ‘S’s are extended. Skin coloration shifts to blue mixed with white and black scales on the abdominal and pectoral regions. The Half form can still wear clothes somewhat comfortably as long as the limb spines are sheathed. The Full form is something resembling a complete union between man and snake; fully serpentine head atop of a lithe yet powerfully muscled humanoid upper body ending in a long serpentine torso and tail with no legs. The forearm spines are further exaggerated and the leg spines merge with and descend down the tail which ends in a tri pronged ‘spear’ that can extended and retract like all the other spines. The mouth is fully equipped with the same kind of venom Shimaku himself uses though obviously in a much smaller dose. The vicious cocktail paralyzes the envenomed area before gradually causing massive cellular entropy and thus deteriorates the flesh. Unlike any other venom, it enters as Neurotoxin, alters its function into something akin to a hyper Hemotoxin upon contact with white blood cells and then ionizes into raw Necrotic energy that literally rots the victim from the inside out upon a successful incubation period of several minutes or hyper immune systems actively fighting off the venom. Thus, the harder the body fights to remove the venom or immunize itself, the more painful and lethal it ultimately becomes. This venom is delivered via retractable fangs capable of piercing a foot of steel. The Jaw becomes capable of briefly dislocating as to allow the devouring of anything from one average man and to anything below that. The chrome like plates along the back can reflect energy weapons of various types and elements. Beams in particular reflect brilliantly and can be angled back at their source. Gases and detonative type energy attacks are not reflected though they are partially negated. The belly scales are hyper dense yet flexible, capable of withstanding several thousand tons of pressure or blunt force trauma. Only the sides are moderately vulnerable to all conventional weaponry though the spines hinder that option except for directly along the ribcage and arm pit. The Full form is extremely flexible, fast, and lethal. A little over 10 ft. tall upright (about 30 ft. long), the Full form is capable of generating short bursts of speed that go beyond the speed of sound; over longer distances it can top out at around 100 miles an hour full speed with average maneuverability. The Full form does have a capacity to burrow though only through natural mediums like soil, sand, and most rocks. It does so by utilizing the same method Shimaku does as it actively disintegrates the soil around it into dust as it moves forward. Its Necrotic Chill is strong enough to kill a man within five seconds of touching them. It only takes a moment to force them into unconsciousness at this stage. The unique body structure allows for great maneuverability and an undulating style of combat. Using the spines on the sides of its body, the full form can whip, crush, stab, slash, constrict and grind its foes into paste when it’s not tearing chunks of flesh off like a living chainsaw hula-hoop. The eyes increase the accuracy of its attacks though not through stereoscopic vision as with other KCELLs. The full form’s eyes actively see the life force of living beings, able to pin point the ‘soul’ of a living target from a mile away. In this way, the full form can actively hunt its prey with little chance of losing track of it. Like any snake, its sense of taste and touch are extreme, especially when it has its jaw on the ground. The one drawback sense is its hearing which focuses more on vibrations then actual sound thus communication with the KCELL in full form is difficult. Among KCELLs, Shinji’s full form is considered one of the most if not most lethal to face in close quarter combat.

Duuuuuuudes....I made a person lol...and he actually looks asian. So anyway, this is the 'main human character' of KCELL. He's sort of a inverse Indiana Jones or Dr. Jackson if you will. Like his kaiju partner, Shinji uses his head more than his fists but when he does use his fists there is usually something sharp and pointy in there along for the ride. Since Shimaku's theme is isolation/death, I needed Shinji to bring that to a relatable level. I wanted it deeply engrained but I didn't want the usual baaaaaw orphan billy scenario so the uncle steps in and sets him straight and he's a successful normal guy until he meets Shimaku; which turns his world upside down and inside out. This version of Shinji also has something of a more practical incentive to see the world and explore those places people in kaiju movies always end up. He likes to go where there were lots of dead people lol.

And for those wondering yes, Shimaku indeed has something akin to a portable Bat Cave everywhere he decides to take a nap. Its like a personal demiplane he opens up at will. Its part of the one with Gaia thing so don't look too deeply into the mechanics of it lol. Art wise this one was a couple steps forward and about four back. I discovered the uses of inverting lines and using the pen tool to make nice clean lines but the coloring today quickly turned to so much mush. I liked the gritty look to it but It went a bit far I think and now it has this washed out look to it again. I had to give Shinji some kind of symbol so I could actually see those nice kanji and text through the background layers I had set up. Multiply don't help shit when you background is swirling black and blue clouds.

So that's my KCELL update for awhile. Gotta get back to my commission and the SD's again. Might whip out a sketch study of Gappa sometime soon...maybe.

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