Ruin Picture

he guys can RP and ask him some questions ^^ I would love to answer them :3

Name: Ruin Fang

Nickname(s) smiley,

Age: ??? (his been around for a long time but looks to be 18)

Personality: he can be pretty mean sometimes but he likes to annoy people at times if he gets to them he thinks its fun he can be pretty nice if you get to know him even a little mischievous at times he can be a little dark but when he is he just kind of laughs it off he can also be like a child or a big flirts it on depends on what he thinks of you or how you act towards him so you never really know how he could be

Likes: he some sweets he likes dark places and the forest and a few he loves music It calms him down when he's mad or scared his skull necklaces it is very important to him and its not something he lets out of his sight he also likes food he can always eat

Dislikes: he is very afraid thunder or lighting (he has his reasons XD)

Gender: Male

Species: Strawberry Macarons Food Demon

Nationality: Greek

Sexual Orientation: bisexual

Relationship Status: taken by Chassidy (Chassidy belongs to

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