Darkstalkers Embrace the Dark entry. Picture

This is my entry to the Darkstalkers: Embrace the Dark contest being held by Capcom. I like this character for multiple reasons, not just because he is my contest entry, or because he is based upon an obscure mythological being, but this is the first time in a long time that I have drawn something on white paper, and let me tell you I did not realize how much I missed it. This was so much better than coloring on the paper I usually use, and I hope to be using white paper for more art in the future. This is also the best example of my new coloring method. Before, everything had a cartoony black outline around it, and I was never particularly fond of that. In this new process, I erase the lines just enough before I add color that I can still see what I'm doing but it's not visible. I think it looks good, but I'd love your input.
Now to the actual character. This is Itzilatl, the Ahuizotl. I simply copy-pasted his backstory from my submission email, so this is what I've sent in to Capcom. I don't want to get my hopes up, but that Lord Raptor statue is pretty damn sweet, and the wait time is going to
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