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I spent most of today inking other stuff, so I took a break by drawing on the computer instead(lol). Took me about two hours, and wow I have gotten a lot better at drawing since the last time I did a meme. I see improvement

1) I still love Toph, but Wan is number 1! (I did it, there) He starts off as a dorky little thief, a little naive and conniving, but with good intentions, but he grows as a person throughout as does his glorious hair. Also, I noticed he and I have essentially the same hair, just switched (kinda sorta) bangs and like an inch and 1/2 of length on mine.
2) Ninja pose and fishnets, WIN.
3) Really? I haven't heard that. He's not hard to draw at all.
4) Sorry, but Korra and Mako's relationship has always bothered me.
5) Wow. I just... hm... I couldn't think of one. Also, that is my favorite fall outfit. I wear that dress every chance I get. Also, new sweater my mom made me get that I ended up loving.
6) Zutara is a pretty recent thing for me. Also, lack of clothes is merely laziness.
7) Now that I think about it, I should have drawn Hana. Creepy old lady. Sorry Haru, you look so ugly here.
8) When I found out the TRUE meaning on that little story, man, that was sad. I still remember him as Aku from Samurai Jack. I can't draw Lu Ten.
9) Female Aang is basically Aang with the female Nomad's hairstyles. They seem to dress all the children the same.

So, if you haven't watched Season two of Legend of Korra, consider yourself lucky. The first 6 episodes were awful. Completely and utterly awful. HOWEVER the 7th and 8th episodes almost made up for the first six! If you don't watch to watch the rest of the series, then DON'T. But, because of how seporated from Korra's storyline these episodes were, you could actually watch them without any knowledge of the rest of the show.

The animation was great, Studio MIR was brought back for this (technically) one hour special. The BG was done in the form of an ancient Asian watercolour as a flashback, and it has a

totally theatrical feel to it!

It has a ton of strategically placed tropes from other series
(Aladdin and Spirited Away)
as well as mythological and Religious references, but it was done fantastically. If I could buy just Beginnings part 1 and 2 on DVD, I would, and this from a gal who doesn't buy cartoons/anime. (Besides the IY movies I picked up a while back).

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