Norse Goddess Sif Picture

FULL VIEW, please.

Yes, I said the next one would be Odin. but he's giving me lots of work, then I need to prepare it carefully and draw some preliminary work first.

Hence, I switched for another goddess. Actually I'm better at drawing women...

Today it's Sif, goddess of Abundance and Fertility and wife of Thor. She has two children, Thrud and Modi, and another son from an unknown man but adopted by Thor. It's said she can transform herself into swan.
Very few information exists about her.

We have one story about Sif. She was one of the victims of Loki's pranks.
Loki came secretly to her place and cut her hair while she was sleeping. Thor threaten him to kill him if he doesn't pay for his action. Then he asked to dwarfs to create artificial hair in gold. She ended with the most beautiful hair of Asgard.

Personal analysis (which means "pretty arguable") : Sif may be an old divinity. The Fertility gods were the Vanir (Freyja, Freyr and their father are Vanir). But Sif is an AEsir. Some theories said the presence of two families of Gods can be explained by the fusion of two communities who just add their Gods. this is fairly possible due to the constitution of the religion of the Norse : an animist religion.
After this fusion, the fertility parts in the AEsir disappeared and were replaced by Vanir.
It can explain why Odin was primary a 'fertility' god, and became a 'war' god.

About the art : I failed the left hand. I failed the face. T__T
The art is in watercolour pencils.

She has her impressive gold hair. And choose to make it curly and quite abundant. As the goddess of fertility, she's lively and giggling. But her nice smile in the line art disappeared when I add the colour ;_; The red colour represents Fertility too.
I represented Abundance by her jewels and luxury clothes and by the green colour. the belt is not historically accurate. I just add some fantasy.

After the work was completed, I realised that green and red are colours of Christmas
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