Blue Lady II Picture

It was asked after, so I decided to go through them. More pictures of the Blue Lady. The last one was all flat shapes and had a more graphic quality. This one is painted. I can't decided if it's good or rushed. But, either way, here it is.

I say it might be rushed because I got this one done fairly quickly. Less than 8 hours ... which is really very good for me. Last thing I did in this style took me at least three days.

***That bit where I wax on about the content and story***

The Blue Lady met Arthur when he was hunting in Gorsedd Territory. He mistook her for a nocturnal animal and shot her out of a tree. As she fell he realized she was not the animal he'd been tracking. Most men would have been afraid of her, what with having shot her and all, but Arthur is the kind of man who owns his mistakes. He pulled out the arrow and stayed with her. She was moved by his honesty and his sincerity and she chose him as a companion. They remained bound to one another (after a fashion) until life called him in a different direction. He hasn't seen her since the fall of Pazour.

She is said to have hair of blue flame and a robe made of the darkness between trees. Both achingly beautiful and profoundly ugly at the same time. With one eye of light and one eye of dark. She is said to travel alone in the form of predatory animals or as a lone woman in a blue cloak.

What is known for certain about her is that she is very lonely and anyone who would choose to be her companion, even for a night, is marked across the chest with her symbol and will have disastrous trouble with love in the future. These men are called The Marked and they appear all over space and time and are all changed for having known her and hearing her true voice.

The Marked:
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