Antheia Gaia Picture

Name: Antheia Gaia
Glamor Name: Anna
Age: 115
Glamor age: 18
Monster type/species: (lake) Water Sprite

Natural weapons:

Trained weapons:
Tiny daggers

Favorite class:
Mystics and Magic
Worst class:

-Weaker when she is out of water.
-Brute strength, she is magically strong so brute strength is a big weakness.
-Being stabbed in the heart or throat

Major Skills:
-Water Control-right now only small amounts of water control. Like, Water balls and make very small waves in a lake.
-Curse: She curses her enemys to take a chance to run away. The curses she uses are not harmful. Mainly just blurry vission or anything else that would harm the person and would only last for about 5-8 minutes. Just long enough for her to get away.

Minor Skills:
-Communication with Animals- for right now only fish and water type animals.
-Able to fly

She is very spirited and friendly. She doesn't get offended that easily or emotionally hurt, it's not in her nature to feel those emotions. She is very passive so she hardly ever fights. She generally tries to take any chance she can get to run away. She is very shy at first but once she gets to know you she is very friendly and outgoing. She loves magic and does not like humans so she loathes being in a human form.

Character's Background:
In her home village, she was always told that humans were bad. The other lake water sprites stayed together never leaving the colony. If one were to leave they were to never come back, since it was forbidden to leave. Antheia wanted something different. She wanted to be something other than just another water sprite. So she decided to leave and learn what it is like outside of her colony. After leaving, she learned how to use small daggers and expanded her knowledge of the magic arts. After a few years she came across a fellow exiled water sprite. He told her about the Monster Academy and that it was a perfect place for what she was looking for. After contemplating she decided to try it out and she went off to find the Monster Academy.

I mixed the knowledge of water sprites with Dungeons and Dragons, Greek Mythology and my sisters knowledge of them. So this is what i got. I really fail at back stories and personalities I generally develop as I rp.
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