Cocytus Picture


Based on acrylic painting on canvas with some edition, corrections, and other experiments in photoshop.
More abstract and surreal vision of the ninth circle of hell - a frozen lake Cocytus.
A great inspirations came from Dante Alighieri's "Divine Comedy" (Inferno).
And musically - from Tempestuous Fall (Midnight Odyssey)…

"Darkest Frozen
Deepest Fallen
Shades of phantom
Souls blowing cold words
Too late...

In the shades of
Chains forged eternal
You take your place
Amongst the ice"

A journey that started at february 2014 (pluto color test was even during summer 2013, nearly forgotten) and after a year of experiments, working-seeking... creating - it finished.
From a small sketch with a pencil, some color tests, cosmic dimentions to a dark, cold and more abstract but still with a strong feelings - vision. Like it should be from very the first time.

February 2014 - February 2015...

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