Random Gods - Loki Picture

Loki was Thor's half-brother, a son of Odin, king of the gods (called the Asir / Aesir, in Norse mythology). His mother was a frost-giant; so he was a problem-child to the gods, because the giants were their enemies. On top of that, Loki was the god of mischief and lies, as well as fire. This may be why he was often compared to the Judeo-Christian Devil.
Ironically, the ancient Norse didn't have too big of a problem with deception, and in Loki's case, he usually used it for the gods' advantage... at least, at the end. But, since he was the one that usually got the gods into trouble in the first place, they soon grew sick of him and bound him underneath the earth, until his eventual escape at Ragnarok 'the destruction of the powers'. This would signal the end of the time of the present gods, and lead to a new order of things; including humanity.
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