Hilde Picture

This is an illustration I'm doing for a norwegian childrens book originally titled "Hilde Hulder" which translates to "Hilde the Forest Nymph". In Norway we have this legend/myth about forest nymphs called "Hulder", they're mysterious creatures living in the mountains with their magnificent dances, music and free spirit. Many men feared these creatures because of their way to seduce them into the mountain from where they would never return. It is said that men travelling over mountains and through forests who never returned had been taken into the mountains, or as we say in norwegian "bergtatt" (Spellbound).

But this tale is a little different. The story about Hilde follows the struggles of fitting in. Hilde's mother is a forest nymph who gave up her life in the mountains to live as a human with Hilde's father. Hilde does'nt know this but she definetly sences she's not like the others. Because she can infact talk to animals who's basically her only friends. At school everybody avoids her because of her unusual behaviour. Hilde's mother has turned grey and indifferent due to her secret, she's missing the mountain people in the forest and struggles to find a place to fit in in the human world. Hilde's father is the kindest man you can ever imagine, so sweet and caring, so strong and gentle. It's her father she turns to when things get tough, her mother is nothing but an empty shell of a beautiful woman with her bottles and cigarettes. They live in Hilde's strict and scary aunt's house which is a huge mansion near the forest. Hilde's father works as her aunt's gardener so he's mostly outside caring for the flowers while Hilde's sneaking up in the attic where she's not allowed to be. She loves sitting up there by the window talking to the mice and birds while looking through the numerous boxes with forgotten things. But one item she stumbles upon will change her life forever, she finds the only thing that's left of her mothers old life. She finds her cows tail that fell off when she converted to human.
What happens when Hilde pursues her origins and relatives in the mountains? Will she find what's missing? Will she find a place be herself?

Really hope you like it! Would you read it? Haha
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