Why People Dress Differently Picture

In Andean mythology, the creator god VIRACOCHA made the different peoples out of clay, and then painted on the garments that each group were to wear. Each was given it's own language, songs and foods, even hairstyles.
Then the creator sent them underground to make their way to the various regions to which he had assigned them - the caves, lakes, and mountains from which they re-emerged into the light would subsequently be worshiped as holy places. The first generation was in due course turned into stone, and also became an object of reverence.
The purpose of the tale seems to have been to explain the different clothes and customs of the various Andean peoples at a time when each ethnic group was most easily marked out by their distinctive garb. Even today there are recognizable differences between the traditional dress of adjoining valleys, and profound respect continues to be shown to rocks and stones.

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