Verdandi - Time & Rune Challenge Picture

I have been watching the Sci-Fi show Face Off over the last few weeks and love the idea of the challenges presented to the artists. So, I decided to challenge myself with my own subject and theme with the constraints of "Time and Ancient Runes". Verdandi is the equivalent to one of the Fates from Greek Mythology and is the Fate of the Present. Like Stan Lee with the Thor comic books, the creator of the series Ah! My Goddess decided to use Verdandi and her sisters as a base for the story because Japan was relatively unfamiliar with Norse Mythology. To accommodate the Ancient Runes aspect of the image I lined her dress with Norse Runes and placed the Web of Wyrd across her face. The Web of Wyrd (otherwise known as 'Skuld's Net') is a rune that is comprised of all the other Norse runes thereby representing any combination that could be used with them past, present or future.

Normally, Verdandi is not presented with wings but in one painting she did in fact have some so I used them to fill the empty space.

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