Fairest Ghouls of Them All Picture

Oh man... It was a struggle but I made it!

Okay these girls are:
(Queen of Spades)
-Cerise Hood, the sweet daughter of the Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. A Rebel student from Ever After High who struggles everyday to not show her Wolf side and tries hard to follow her mother's steps as the next Little Red Riding Hood, as she is a child who was never meant to be... Her parents were the first Rebels.
Just like her Rebel friends, not following their destinies might make their stories go Poof!... But the clues that maybe the students of Ever After High can build their own fates without hurting their world, gives Cerise, Raven Queen, and their friends great hope! Yet, Cerise looks for to be accepted by her classmates and slowly shows her true self.
-Cerise Wolf, the brave daughter of the Big Bad Wolf and the Little Red Riding Hood. What if Cerise wasn't afraid to take off her red hood, show off her wolf ears, her golden and fierceful eyes, her frightening fangs, and howl to the world who she really is? She will take place as the next Big Bad Wolf, wild, strong... Unstoppable.

(Queen of Hearts)
-C.A. Cupid, the lovely adopted daughter of the greek god, Eros Cupid. As a student in Monster High, Cupid gave advice to anybody with the courage to love sincerely. She showed off a couple of ghoulish rib-cage-like wings and a frightful fashion style, even Aphrodite would envy!
But Cupid did too much of a good job in Monster High. A place needed her more now... Ever After High. Now, with a pair of golden-feathered wings and showing off a 'greeky' and romantic style, Cupid goes off to learn about her mythological nature, and to help the students of Ever After High follow their hearts, not only to find true love, but also to find their true destinies!

Cerise Hood is a character from the Ever After High franchise, while C.A. Cupid was
first featured as a character from the Monster High franchise and later added in the alternate Ever After High universe. Cerise Wolf is released as an exclusive doll for limited time each year... So yeah, I didn't invent that.
I love both franchises for a lot of reasons. Cerise Hood is definitely my favorite character in Ever After High. All the characters in both worlds are exquisite. The dolls are really beautiful and varied (I finally got a ghoulishious Dead Tired Lagoona Blue from my brother and I love her so much!), the animation series are great, and the whole stories are fantastic! In particular, the EAH universe expands in books and novels. I got the chance to read a bit about them and I'm really wishing they translate the texts to the animated show!

Anyways, if you're interested in checking every character on her own, go ahead to the Behance gallery of this artwork!: www.behance.net/gallery/242176…?
Hope you like!
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