2014 OCT Concept Sketches 2 Picture

More development sketches. Some of these races may be developed and explored. Others may not. Still sifting through ideas on what we want to isolate for this world. Since we're not basing it on any existing mythologies this time, the development process is a lot more chaotic than some of the other OCTs we've done. Rather than researching gods of our world, we're working on inventing some of our own, or adapting some well-established ideas to our own purposes. Still debating how derivative we want to be.

Derivative elements give viewers a short-hand, so they don't have to spend much time reading up on a world. We all have a preconceived notion now of elves, dwarves, etc. Those images have sunk into western culture enough that most have a pretty strong concept of how they act and look. That can be a useful tool for a world-builder, but also can become a boring crutch. Trying to figure out how familiar we want to make this place.

And how much reading we force you all to do.
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