Birth of Gaea Picture

Ok, so the first few pieces in my gallery were just projects that I had kept floating around on my computer. But this piece is what tipped the scales in my choice to open up a gallery where I can store my work. This piece was actually planned, rather than just casually placed together, since I've really been digging into mythology in general, Greek in specific.

The concept was to depict Chaos, the primordial force that had existed before anything else and from the first deities came (according to the majority sources).

Here's a wiki link to Chaos:

Some sources claim Gaea (or Mother Earth as most modern culture calls her), was the first to come from Chaos. Though others say Gaea was self-created. Regardless I painted Chaos observing this newcomer that had arrived in its domain.

Oh, and a few added notes. Yes that is not a image of earth as we know it because, the rivers, oceans, skies, plants, etc. were all aspects of Gaea's offspring later. So the newborn planet has none of the features we're familiar with.
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