On War-Torn Land Streams Flow Picture




'On war-torn land streams flow and mountains stand;
In towns unquiet grass and weeds run riot.
Grieved o’er the years flowers are moved to tears;
Homes cut apart birds cry with broken heart.
The beacon fire has gone higher and higher;
Words from household are worth their weight in gold.
I cannot bear to scratch my grizzling hair;
It grows too thin to hold a light hair-pin.'
-Spring View by Dan Fu (757)

Pixiu (貔貅) is the protector of Feng Shui and the synonymous with ancient China's army, this creature is sometimes said to posses both sexes similar to Feng Huang. Though strong, ferocious, and agile, Pixiu is always depicted with a bloated stomach and a large mouth that gobbles up gold/fortune to fill it. It's said that his anus was sealed by the Jade Emperor for a violation of the Law of Heaven and thus he can only eat fortune and not expel it. For this reason, Pixiu is something of a 'lucky horseshoe' in Feng Shui and is often placed somewhere in a place of business to invite wealth to come to it.

Part 4 of the Chinese Mythology Series. DONE. WOO HOO. Time to sculpt.

Traditional - Recycled Paper, Sakura Micron Pens, Faber-Castell White Pencils, and Mechanical Pencil.

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