Horses of Ares - Bio Picture

Another DC animal biocard about the Greek mythology.
This time I present to you the battle stallions of the God of War: Ares!
Ares' horses:
Real Name: Achilles (left), Ajax (right)
Gender: Male
Eye: Red
Fur: Black with white markings / Mane: Black
Unusual Features: What do you think...?
Race: Horse / Breed: Olympian battle horses
Alignment: Bad
Identity: Public Identity
Affiliation: Gods of Olympus
Base of Operation: Mount Olympus
Citizenship: Greek
Marital status: "Divorced", both of them
Occupation: War Horses
Powers: Super Strenght, Super Speed, Breathing Fire
Place of Birth: Unknown
Status: Alive
Relatives: Andromache (ex-mate of Ajax), Agamemnon (son of Achilles), Menelaus (son of Ajax)
Achilles and Ajax were gifted to Ares from his father Zeus, the God of Thunder. The horses agressive and arrogant personality made perfect battle stallions for Ares.
With Achilles and Ajax, the God of War always seemed to be successful in battles. During the centuries Achilles and Ajax made many enemies, but it didn't make
them upset, they enjoyed to have people and animals to confront and to defeat. But in the modern years, they've met one enemy, that they cannot conquer: Comet the Superhorse.
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