Kanji the Deceiver Picture

Name: Kanji
Age: Unknown (possibly 16)
Height: 5'6 ft
Weight: 109.8 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Weapon: Double bladed staffs

Abilities: Able to jump at great height, move at super human speed and can hide in plain sight among all places. He can also vanish into thin air band other people's minds which he drive them insane. Knows the art of ninjitsu and can make weapons out of his body.

Bio: Kanji seems to be like an ancient being for no ones his origin. But he does carry some attributes of mythical creatures from Japanese mythology. But what he is greatly known for is that he can have to ability to shapeshift into familiar faces of his victims. Once he does this, he will bring the victim into a false sense of security and then he will strike. He can be very fast and jump really high in order to escape other people's eyes. So he waits in the shadows, hoping to strike down a new victim.

Personality: He can be more of the silent type but the symbol on his head can tell you how he feels. It can change into different symbols and colors which tells if he is happy, sad, or bitter.

Hope you guys like it.
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