Character Auction - Maya - Closed Picture

Adoptable character auction - Open!

*Bidding takes place on Furaffinity only, check it out here ------>…

Auction ends Friday, March 20th at 2 pm MST.
Auction has ended, congrats to wolfenakari, who is the lucky new owner of Maya!

Just for a bit of background on these special auctions, as I make my pendants and figurines, to me these are more than just casts. Being hand painted, every design is a unique piece of art, and has felt like the pendant is imbued with a bit of the essence of that individual character. As I create these characters, and as I paint the ornament, the story of the character is just as important as the colors and markings, and is consciously kept in mind throughout the painting process. To push the idea further of each one of these pendants being their own personality, I've decided to introduce these limited character auctions! On top of the Shisa already being limited edition, these particular paint jobs will never show up again on another Shisa ornament. You'll be adopting your very own mini guardian lion-dog, and be able to physically hold your new character! I would like to hold these once every one to two months, so again, these will be a rare treat I hope all of you enjoy.
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